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FreakFriday is a new segment that will be posted on what day? Friday, of course. This segment will be used to keep you guys up-to-date on what is going on in my life and anything cool coming in the next couple weeks or week. This segment will be a permanent part of the new changes. It is a way to keep you guys interested! So stop crying 😉
     Today I want to say sorry for the amount of inactivity that has been happening. I wanted to take this post and talk to you guys about why I have skipped a few days and what will be changing in the future to help with this problem.
In the last few weeks, I have been spending a lot of time with fantasy football. When fantasy football comes around, I become a crab that hides in his shell. I will spend hours studying games, stats, and mock drafts. This year is no different. I believe at this point of the preseason I have racked 12-hours of studying. This has become like a third job right behind my first job and writing.
When my final draft is completed, I will be posting any and all the advice or secrets that I have. If you are a big fantasy fan, you will enjoy these tips. But the tips are honestly best for those who haven’t played but want to. That’s because the tips describe when you should draft each position and when to change your mind on certain players. Though it won’t be discussed in full, Sleepers will be mentioned. Then at the end, I will give you guys my projected line-up and compare it to my actual line-up, in order for you guys to see if the tips work.
After the draft, I will take each Sunday and write about who I think did well and predict the next week of wins for the Nfl. This is what I like to do, I like to take time and study certain things, NFL just happens to be my “Certain thing” this time of the year.
When this draft gets over (Sept 6: 7pm) I will be going back to the full time writing. You will receive a post everyday again, and you will love it. But for right now, I will be a little sketchy with the amount of writing that I do, since I am spending a mass amount of time with draft. I am sorry if this is inconvenient, of course, but I hope that it doesn’t make you to mad. I will be back shortly to full commitment, until then I promise that each post will be amazing!

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There they were standing, Sandy and Sammy. They were standing in the most expensive store in the United States, which in order to know the name you must pay. I don’t want to pay for the name so you will have to deal without. But they paid to know all of the information, in which they learned that the lowest priced item is $27. This is a crazy price for a pack of Stride gum, but they have to keep their prices at competitive levels in order to stay in business.
Sammy was there to get some lotion that she had heard about on the radio. This lotion was a special formula from the Moon that makes your skin smoother than a babies butt. She wanted to have the smoothest legs when she went on vacation, so she would pay the expensive amount of $1,789 to get a 8 oz. bottle that must be applied twice a day.
Thought Sammy knew what she wanted, Sandy wanted to spy on a guy that worked there. She would call his home phone once a week since the first grade. She has always had a crush on this kid that she knew since she was 4. The dilemma is that she can’t talk to him because she is too shy. Every time that she was going to talk to him something crazy happened. She would choke on her bacon-flavor gum or she would catch her hair on fire, either way this was going to never end in her favor.
He stood next to the glass vases that were different colors. Some of the vases had price tags that listed for more than some homes on the market these days. This section was for the rich artist that needed to complete their collection. He was dusting the heads of each of the vases with a soft duster. You could tell that he was nervous while rotating the vase, this was hot to Sandy though. As she stared at his sexy pit stains in his shirt, she began to imaging his ripped body in the sun, as he finished his last lap in the pool. He would get out from the pool and the water would flee from his perfectly ripped abs. She would walk up to him and put her hands on his abs and whisper something in his ear. He would then grab her butt and pick her up, putting her around his waist and kiss her.
“Uh—” Ronald spoke into her ear. She snapped out of her dream and realized that she was kissing the mirror next to her. She looked at the man, which just happened to be her crush, he held windex in his hand. Sandy let out a little screech and pushed herself off of the mirror, causing the balance to shift and fall into the shelf next to it. This shelf contained the busts of all the ancient roman guards. These pieces of art were the most valued pieces of this store. The fifty pound appeared to do no damage, in which Sandy breathed out slightly. But as she was relieved from her stressed, the bust of Caesar fell to the ground and broke.
“Urrr, Ummm.” Sandy went to run away, but Ronald grabbed her hand. Sandy pulled rapidly from his grasped flinging her hand into the statue of Abraham Lincoln, causing Abrahams head to plop off of his body and into the glass figure of a lion, directly behind him. Security was called and both of the girls were removed from the building, but not before more things were broken.
When he called security, Sandy took major offense and walked over to the vases that he was previously cleaning and pushed them all over. Ronald tried to stop her but she hit him in the face with one of the smaller vases. He was laying there cold on the ground when the security got there. Sandy gave up and went with the security officers as they walked to the back, waiting for the real cops to get there.
As the cops walked them out of the store and put Sandy into the back of the cop car, Ronald was standing there with black eyes, and a cloth to the nose. He flicked her off as she went by, she then winked as she tilted her head. She blew a few kisses, but he wasn’t wanting to pay attention. But then she did something no one expected, she pulled down her shirt, revealing her boobs to the whole store. Ronald blushed. 

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The goodestbye ever.

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This is one of those hard post that I know will make some people wonder and others think. This is also one of those post that I have been avoiding since I started this challenge of writing for 642 days in a row. But in order for me to complete this challenge, this post would eventually have to happen. This is my final goodbye to someone that at one time I felt very strong for. This post will contain some confessions and some deep dark secrets that most people didn’t know. It will contain the beginning out the friendship until the last night that we talked.
I remember that this story was the reason that I started my first blog. I posted over thirty post about this one girl, and how she meant so much to me but at the end it wasn’t enough. Her name is Emilee, and she was my first love. We met at a Christian youth night in Springfield, Illinois. At first I pushed her away with my rude attitude, but after the powerful night in Christ, I found her and talked to her. We clicked, this was mainly because of her heart for God. I would expect that was the reason since I didn’t even know her name.
Lets fast foward to save the boredom. I had fallen head-over-heels for this young girl that was about to turn 18. She was a very polite girl that had a bright future, something that I wanted the most. She challenged me to get myself better for the future. This included applying to the same college in order for both of us to stay together when we got away from this small town. We never talked more than about our futures apart, but had a plan on how to get together after we turned 18. This was a plan that I was ready for, I knew that God had some great plans for me no matter what, but my heart told me that it would be even more awesome with her.
When things began to get serious, she invited her sister to come visit. This meant that I was going to have to meet her, which scared the hell out of me. She based her whole future on her sisters opinions, which ensured that if she didn’t like me then that was the end. I thought that it went good when I met with her sister at church, but it didn’t go as I planned. She didn’t think that the way I felt about my religious beliefs was going to work out in the future, meaning that she didn’t feel that her sister should grow with someone that believed the way I did. So she told me that it was never going to work, this was okay since I had never fully thought of us together in the future, I was okay with being friends.
I knew the week after the confirtation that this was never going to be the same. I knew that my friendship with her was ruined. I had reached a part of depression that had all of my friends fearing, this included me staring at a wall for hours fearing how I would be going to the same college as her, and taking the same classes. Then thinking about the fact that I would have to go to the same church as her, also. With everything going through my mind, I nearly failed my senior year due to this heartbreak. With my grades dropping, I pushed everything and everyone away. This was my attempt to save myself from failing, but it didn’t work fully. That was until I started to blog. I blogged every Tuesday about her. The first post was titled “The problem with getting over it.” This was attacking those who said to get over her and move on, in which I asked “How?” How can I get over someone that meant everything to me. After that post, I got the call from CBC (college) saying that I was accepted, and that they were going to give me a full-ride scholoraship. I accepted the scolorship at first, but then declined months later. She was also accepted, which meant that my fears would have come true. I avoided that comfirtation again, by signing with my third-string school in Missouri.
With no money coming in, I had to move back home weeks after I moved there. So with a fresh head and heart for God, I thought that I could take it slower with her and win her heart along with her families. This would be done by focusing more on God and less on her. But that wasn’t working. I would spend parts of the sermons at church searching the building with my eyes for her. I started to fall back into the same depression as I was losing her attention again, then the worse happened. My best friend moved to Texas and my Dad found out that he had cancer. I broke fully when this all came crushing down, and where in the past she was there, this time she wasn’t. I was hurt and tried to control the hurt by myself, pushing everyone away again. This didn’t have the same affect as it did before, this time I turned to God and begged for him to change the situation. I thought that with this, I would get over her. But that isn’t quite the story that I get to tell.
I would love to close this out with saying that after my dad got better, that I moved on and never thought about her again. This is partially true, I got a wife which I love so much. She has made me feel better than Emilee ever did, but with any first love, you will have the weak times where you will think of them. This is where I have to confess that I have found myself checking her Facebook. Not in order for me to see her or to keep the feelings strong, but in order for me to feel that the one person that use to understand me fully, is still doing okay. I have only looked at her page less then ten times, but with each time, it hurts me more. I just can’t control myself. But starting tonight, this will change. This is my final goodbye. So here we go.
Dear Emilee.
Thank you for all that you have taught me about growing in myself. With your help, I have been able to live a better life, if it weren’t for you then I would have never met my wife. Thank you. I am not sure what happened between us. I want to let you know that you were the only person I had ever opened to at that point in my life, but I am glad that it ended the way that it did. I wish you the best in life, and I hope that one day, you will find true happiness.
Goodbye Emilee.

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This has been a tight weekend of things that needed to be done so I am sorry that I was unable to write for you guys. Honestly this proves that I need to get on the ball and write some post ahead of schedule in order for this to never happen again. So without further a due this week I want to talk about three things being; Fantasy Football, Car problems, and Sleep.
I am a big football fan, so I am always excited for the new season to start. I am a Chicago Bears fan, even if they arent doing good, I will still route for them because that is what true fans do. But I go even deeper with being a part of Nfl Pick-em and Fantasy football.
Fantasy Football is a cool way to spend your Sundays after work, because all you have to do is route for your players to do good. But the only stressful part of the whole thing is picking the players during the draft. Since you have to pick 9 starters and up to 10 bench players with a league of at least 8 people, the picks of good players go real fast. This means that you need to make the best moves during the first part of the draft. I have only been a part of two drafts and this one wiped me out. Through the whole draft my computer was lagging, taking up to a minute for the screen to load each time it was my turn to pick. I hope that my fantasy team does good, but even if it doesn’t, fantasy should never make you hate the sport, so even if my team sucks, I can take the lessons learned and apply them next year.
Oh so I have told you guys about my car, right? If I haven’t here is the rundown, my cars radiator was cracked, causing the water to run out leaving us on the side of the road once or twice.  But with my Dad coming down and fixing it, I thought that was all of the problems, but no, there always has to be more. While fixing up the car, another big part of the motor went out, the water pump. This stressed me out, because I can’t make it to work without a car where some can. I need this car so I can pay for my drug addictions, so when this happened I believe Iooked at god with the “Change-this-now” Bitch face. But soon enough my dad had the piece in his hand and was ready to start on the car. This was great, because he didn’t have to do any of this. But out of his kindness, he has been busting his ass for me and my wife, Ariel. We couldn’t think him enough. Also it was some amazing father-son bonding time between us.
Finally, Guys I have some kind of sleeping problem that I have been struggling with for quite some time. This problem keeps me up thinking about everything under the sun. This has mostly been happening the last few weeks when I saw the bills piling up. But now that all the bills are paid off, I still lay awake thinking about everything. This has caused for me to get sick with allergies and each day the feeling off vomiting gets stronger. I have tried to break out of the insomnia but it won’t work. This probably is because I over think everything, then seeing certain things in my way, I begin to freak out causing me to stay up looking for ways out.
Sorry about the short post, I have to work at 6 A.m. and I am tired, so I am going to try to sleep. Thank you guys for being so understanding this weekend. I couldn’t make it without you.

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It had already progressed past the midnight hour, two of the most powerful men in America were sitting in a small meeting room right across from each other. What ever they chose to do next would put a big dent into the history of America, but they wouldn’t allow their home to be attacked like it was, not without getting the enemy back. President Henry would have to make the final decision in a day, but even the head of the United Infantry didn’t want to do what they knew needed to happen.
It was a sunny day in July when a corrupt Chinese group of terrorist attacked Mount Rushmore. They were named the “Gorillas” and they strived on control. Since 2900 they have fought everyone to gain enough land to begin to make Nuclear equipment, but the States of America had stood in front of their plan with the final answer being no on selling the land. With a treaty being in place making for the to bomb them, they weren’t going to be able to gain the land other than breaking the treaty, causing a World War III. Since China didn’t want that, they have contained their urge to gain the desired land, until now. Now without the treaty in place, America will need to decide if they want to go at war with China.
If America goes to war with the Chinese bandits then they will lose important essentials to living, this is including electricity that China has generously has supplied since America bankrupted in the late 21st century. So if the Henry chooses to go to war with China then the land would be losing more than they know. They wouldn’t be able to use their energy weapons which leaves with New constructed Ak-47s that have less recoil and a wider spread, causing them to pierce through the skin more easy than the old version in 1947, but this would stand a chance against the Chinese equipment they have recently recieved from their allies.
With a stalemate on which decision to choose, the president called the 51 states to come together and vote on which they will end up doing. Since Chicago became its own state in 2300, there will be no tie, so the decision will be made before the second attack can be made. When the vote came to the end, there was one state left in the country to vote, Illinois. There leader Charles didn’t want to be a part of the vote, since he was threatened his land if he were to attack China by the Gorillas. So he asked for the President to count the votes, but as the numbers were tallied, his worse fear came to reality, it was a tie.
He knew that either way his decision would end in his land being destroyed since he knew the Gorillas main plan, but he thought if the president would end this early then he could go back to running his state. With the last vote in the president would then tell everyone what they would end up doing. He put the final tally up and got the bombs ready.
(You now have a choice, you can be a boy, or a girl. The boys name is Charly, as the girls name is Michelle.)
I am reporting from the old Abraham museum as I look outside into the rubble. I am waiting for the perfect time to make the movement from this building to the next part of settlement. There is a plane on the far side of town that will be taking survivors to the Canadian Free Lands. But there is only a selected few seats on the plane, so this needs to happen fast. I have nothing in my name except for the hologram that I found in the lower side of the building that full explains what happened.
“If you are listening to this hologram that means the plan of the China Bombing failed. They turned our own bomb around on us, and shot it towards the western lands. Then hours after the attack, they cut our power, and sent bombs through the central parts of America. Springfield has never looked this bad, I am in the remains of the old Lincoln Museum. I am trying to contact the president, but he hasn’t been responding. Most of the west has been compromised, so transferring the materials through their By-pass will not work. There looks to be no survivors, those son-of-a-bitches, they are killing for game now. They want to see us suffer. I will show them. Sgt. Lee out. -Static- Shots, then screams” -end of tape-
I was about to move to the next building, but as I climbed through the broken window frame, gun shots began to ring through the air, sending me back into the ruins. I got back, but my best friend didn’t, the Gorillas spotted him as he darted towards the building and put a 5.8mm bullet through his brain, but to add insult to injury the blasted his body into a hundred bloody parts across the sky with a 40mm grenade.
A set of soldiers spotted the Gorillas, but with each of the members of the army that walked towards the terrorist, the more that fell in agony. But they never stopped shooting their arms. My heart began to feel with happiness as they gained ground, pushing the bastards back. But soon enough the smoke from the guns and fires began to fog my vision.
The fire of those who have falling feels the hearts of the civilians that are fighting off the enemy. But with each of the brave soldiers that walk into the street, another flame from the fight is blown out. The streets that I walked my daughter on is now full of the blood of our neighbors that tried to stand against those who are trying to take over our land. The wind is blowing smoke towards my house, this smoke is due to the gun fire in the streets of Springfield. But as the smoke begins to clear, I can see my worse nightmare coming true. Our soldiers are falling back in surrender, and the enemy has taking yet another section of my hometown. If this continues in this pace, Springfield will be a remnant of a memory for those who become slaves to the Gorillas.

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Springfield in 3200 Preview.

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“The fire of those who have falling feels the hearts of the civilians that are fighting off the enemy. But with each of the brave soldiers that walk into the street, another flame from the fight is blown out. The streets that I walked my daughter on is now full of the blood of our neighbors that tried to stand against those who are trying to take over our land. The wind is blowing smoke towards my house, this smoke is due to the gun fire in the streets of Springfield. But as the smoke begins to clear, I can see my worse nightmare coming true. Our soldiers are falling back in surrender, and the enemy has taking yet another section of my hometown. If this continues in this pace, Springfield will be a remnant of a memory for those who become slaves to the Gorillas.” (Preview of Ep. 1: Finding the way out)

Welcome to war. I am excited to share with you a part of the upcoming story that will be making its debut tomorrow. This story will take place in the far future, 3200 to be exact. We have made China mad for the last time, now they are in our streets with their advanced armory, but they aren’t here to take our land. The reason is far sicker, they want blood. They won’t stop until they have the vengeance that they want. This is a war that we didn’t want to happen, but it is evident that this is what happens when someone steps on the wrong toes, and over steps their bounderies. Now we will fight to win our land back, or we will go down as the land of the slaves.

Letter from the Author:
Thank you so much for taking a chance with this new project. I am excited to release the first of 20 episodes tomorrow. I am sure that this will get the attention that it deserves. So subscribe for this reason only, to get updates on this project. Stay tuned for the first full episode tomorrow. Which side will you join? Will you grab the advanced QBZ-95 and fight with the Chinese Gorillas, or will you grab the New and Improved Ak-47 and side with the Vipers? Do you not want to side with either? Go for the survival edge and try to make it through the war. Any way you play the game, you will defiantly have a blast as America is under attack.
Thank you,

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When most people think of comfort, the first thing that could come to mind is a vacation to the beautiful beaches of cancun. Some other things that could come to mind is a comfortable night on the couch next to your wife, after a really long day at work. There is also the chance that a man might find comfort in their leg not hurting for the first time since he found out he has bone spurs. Comfort can be found in many ways, that’s because everyone is different, meaning that what they find comfortable will be different, I am no different.
I don’t find comfort in a day at the beach, or a peaceful massage at some Chinese place in the mall. But when I think about comfortableness and what it means to me. I go back to my ministry days and think of the one thing they tried to keep you from, Comfort zones. This is the act of not moving outside your normal routine to change the life of another human being. This act can be simply talking to the people that you normally wouldn’t.
I first started to study on comfort zones when I was 16, and learned what I was doing wrong when I was 17. I was trying to become a youth pastor but something was always holding me back, this was crowds of people. This was my comfort zone, the zone of being alone. I would never go up to groups of people and talk due to the fact that I couldn’t imagine that I could add anything to their conversation. This was a big deal to me until I started a bible study at school.
My comfort zone walls were exploded in my senior year of high school, when I requested to start a bible study before school on Tuesdays. This challenge would force me to meet new people and try to relate to those who I had never talked to in my life. I knew that it was going to be hard, not only was I going against the atheist in my school, I was also being made fun of for this idea. But nothing was changing my mind. When I had free time in class, I would pull out my little pocket Bible and prepare the next lesson. This was something that I would have never thought of myself doing, but when I broke the wall down to my comfort things changed. This was challenging.
The biggest challenge that I faced was talking to people that knew me before I was a Christian. For them to know the old gangsta Blake next to this new “Holyroller” was tough. Most of them said it wasn’t true others were there to corrupt my belief. But I stood strong, breaking more of my comfort down, and I never wavered in my faith.
I am saying all of this to tell you that if you are doing the same thing in your daily life and you refuse to do new things, then you are in a comfort zone. These zones are okay, but remember that you will never go anywhere while in these zones, everyone needs to break out of their zone eventually in order for you to make a change. Not in someone else’s life fully, but more in yours. It is nice to be comfortable after a long day. But don’t trick yourself into falling into a Comfort zone. You are made for more than just the usual.

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Yesterday a dear friend asked me for some advice on writing a new blog. I wanted to write this post this week anyways so today I will be giving everyone reading the five basic practices that I have been using to better my blog. Some of these are from my own experiences and others were taught to me, but never-the-less I hope you guys can learn from these things, and make your fresh blog better or make your year old blog pop again. No matter the level of your blog, you can use this post.

     5. The right search engine– It is important that you are comfortable with the blog website or engine that you are using. In order for you to get the best out of the blog you will need to know how to operate the blog. If you are having problems with one engine, make the move. I was at Blogspot, but the makers of Google failed to give me some of the smooth movements through my blog, so I couldn’t make the blog my blog. If you can’t make the blog your blog, then you will lose interest in the blog.

    4. Material– If you are a blogger this usually means that you have something to say, but the biggest question is “What?” What will you be talking about in your blog? Who is your targeted audience? and most importantly, Is it something that you are comfortable with talking about? Will your audience understand what you will be talking about? So many bloggers think their blog will go viral instantly, but it won’t. You will need to start with your close friends first, then as you post material, the groups of people will come in. But at first you will need material that connects to who you can, not who you want to. My only advice is to write about 7 post first and to post them all at once, in order for your blog to have more than one post for the travels on the internet to see. Most people will leave a blog that looks empty, because they feel like you have abandoned the blog yourself.

    3. Schedules– Once you have a few blogs on your page, the best thing that you can do is get a blogging schedule and stick to it! I have chose to post everyday on my blog, but do what is comfortable for you. The main reason that the schedule helps you so much is due to the fact that the audience will know when to expect a post from you! If you are having troubles with knowing when to post there is something called insights that will be discussed shortly.

    2.  Promotion– I can’t tell you how important it is to promote your blog. Many blogs will go unseen because they are hidden behind a shy blogger. But if you are wanting people to read it, don’t expect them to search you put the blog in their face, make them gobble it up. Meaning this, share your blog onto every social media site that you can, find friends and family to give your blog a share. (Anything that you share is seen in the first thirty minutes, this is why it is important to know your audience.) Do giveaways in order to get shares. Finally, find bloggers that you can guest blog for. This will help to reach those who your arms can’t reach. Promotion is the biggest thing that will make or break your blog. Do it!

    1. Check your stats– Football players spend most hours in the locker room watching film after a game, this isn’t fun at all but it helps them get better. You are the football player and you need to watch your game film (Stats) in order for you to know what people like and don’t like. If you just posted a blog about politics and only got one view to where you posted a blog on Fallout and got fifty views. This means that your crowd is responding better to the video game next to your view on politics and you should absolutely do another post about Fallout. But if you are having troubles with this and you’re using WordPress, you can now see a new tool called Insights. This tell you what your busiest day of the week and at what time in the day you are getting the most hits. With this tool, you can now post during that time, and get the maximum amount of clicks. 

     It can be hard to start a blog at first, this is why the five things above are important. You can use these things to either better yourself or to get you off on the right foot. If you do these five things I will guarantee that you will see results. Welp I am off to write the outline for tomorrows post, can’t wait to see you guys!

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There was a post a few weeks ago introducing this segment. At first I wasn’t going to do the next episode but then I remembered that sometimes things need time to grow on people, so I want to give this another shot due to the new changes. Today will be the second installment to this segment and talk about three things as before. The line-up will include Writing, Drinking water, and my first novel titled “Drifting Away” a novel that I have put off for way to long.
I will be fully honest when it comes to writing, I have been so lazy and have been posting mainly to get it out of the way. I have been busy and want to relax when I gt home, when I work 23 hours in two days the last thing I want to do is come home and write, even if I want to. This has become such a problem, that I have been reposting old material to get it out of the way. But as I promised, I will keep posting because I have made this my second job so this is something that will need to happen in order for me to feel completed. I can’t quit this time, if I quit this time I feel I would be done for good. That’s not what I want, I have put to much time into this blog for me to quit now.
I am slightly disapointed and excited to tell you guys about my workout out plan. Let me first tell you guys about what disapoints me the most about this topic. I have quit Insanity, but let me explain before you guys automatically think I failed. I stopped due to a shin splint that would hurt way to much to continue the workout, thinking that I would get back to it in a few days. But the more that I waited the less the chance became for me to come back to this amazing workout down the road. With the progress slipping away, my wife and I decided to move on to this new workout called “t-25” that is taught by the same guy from Insanity, Shaun. But until that arrives in the mail, my wife has started a drinking competition with me,. This is going on for this whole month, and that means that we both are now tracking our water consumption and the winner will get amazing prizes. I feel she is becoming healthier as we do this, which is truly all that matters.
The final topic is about my Romantic Triller that will be eventually on shelves of stores. I have been planning for this novel, but have got litte-to-no progress. But with my mindset on writing being my second job, then I need to stop being a lazy ass and get this novel written. This book has been promoted and everything, I just need your support. Will you motivate me to write it faster, by telling me nice things! Thank you!
With everything being said, I want to remind you guys that this is the beginning of the new changes and that I will be setting the official schedule next Sunday, so if you have any suggestions please post in the comment section on Facebook or here. I love you guys and hopefully you guys will love the new changes coming in the next two weeks!

Peace out,

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Wait for the end of the world.

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With the new changes coming in the next few weeks, I want to branch out and try new writing styles. But as I tried to make the new schedule I came up empty on the last way I can branch fully out. Then as I put away my pad of paper and laid in bed something clicked inside of my head, the answer finally hit me. The answer was confusing because it was something that would be hard to do but then I thought of the fact that it is something I have never thought about doing. So I am here to describe to you guys on how “Springfield in 3200” will be written and what to expect from story.
I remember going to the library as a child and grabbing a book. The books that always got my attention were the books that you got to choose the next thing to happen in the story, so this story will be written in that style. This way my audience will have full control on what they want to happen next.
There will be four post each time this segment is done. There will be four ways that you guys can choose for the story to go. The four ways that it can go are: Positive, Negative, Survival, and Independent. The positive way will mean that you will be siding away from the China power as they are trying to take over our land, where as the negative will side with the China forces. Each way will have some consequences that will affect your morale and your how long you will live.
Then you can choose to go the survival way of the story, which means that no matter what you do, you are in it to win it. Your only mind-set is to survive until the end. You will run into more problems with this options such as little food, little water, and limited shelter. This will cause problems when the China Army starts to tear through the streets of Springfield. This is the more adventurous way to go, and if you like that, then this is the way for you.
Independent means that you were of the richer group before, but with this there comes problems. When the war starts out every feels that the rich are the reasons for the war, and have bounties put out on their heads. This will limit your chances to survive in the war. But at the same time, you don’t have to worry about making the choices of who to side with, because you’re out of the fire, well of the soldiers anyways.
This story will have a lot of options and will cause you to regret what you chose, or what you didn’t choose. But at the end you will love the idea and you will be able to answer the question: “Can I survive the end of the world?”

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