Meet Rondal.

Posted: July 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

Meet Rondal, my imaginary best friend. A man that has been there for me through everything in my life. He has saved me from the evil elf’s, the angry unicorns, and the deadly aliens. He was my first true friend, and I want to introduce him to you guys, so that if any of you need someone to be there for you, there will be someone. He is a great listener.
We met for the first time in the playground as I was going down a slide. There was a bully ant that was not letting me do anything, because every time that I would try to go down the slide, he would push me back up the slide. At first I would laugh, but it got annoying when I tried to leave the slides, and he wouldn’t let me. I tried to push through him, but he pushed me back, and forced me to the ground. Rondal came out of no where and beat him butt. He then helped me up and told me to be strong. I instantly grew close to him.
There was a time in our lives that we got mad at each other, and thought that our friendship was over. Rondal was having a rough time in his life, his wife was leaving him but I still needed him. The Elf’s and Unicorns were coming to earth to take it over. I couldn’t beat them by myself even if  I tried, so I asked for his help. He told me that it wasn’t a good time, not knowing the situation fully, I began to throw a fit. I told him that he could just leave me alone. In our friendship contract (that they make them sign) it says that if a human says to leave them alone, they must leave that human alone and can only come back if they say so, but it still has to be agreed on both sides.
I fought almost the whole battle alone, without help from the jerk Rondal, but then as I lost ground and began to lose the war. He came back, breaking the contract. He jumped in a began to way lay on the unicorns, breaking they horns off their heads. They retreated, and the world was safe yet again.
He said that he was sorry as I did the same. He told me that his wife had left him. I felt bad so we went out to the bars and got kicked out since I was only six-years-old. He laughed as the bartender told me to get loss. Instead of the bar, we stole some of the apple juice from the grocery store and went home. There we played video games and talked. That day I got my best friend back. He wanted to say Hi today, so take it away Rondal.
“Hey guys, my name is Rondal. I wanted to tell you guys that I appreciate how you guys read my best friends blog. You guys are the bomb. But I have been seeing something. You guys are letting the stress of the world take advantage of your life. You are failing to have fun anymore, its like you forgot how to have fun. Take some time out of your schedule and go have fun. It is important that you let loose sometimes. Let creativity take over your body!!!!!”

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