Death of James.

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Have you ever spent time in the slammer? I haven’t personally, I actually have never been in a cop car in my life. I am thankful that it has never came down to that though. I wouldn’t do good in jail, there’s certain things that are not for people! Jail happens to be mine. The thought of being behind metal bars, with people I have never heard of in my life. Jail is not for me, but I have had family that have been. My uncle can’t stay out of jail, where as my mother spent a lot of time in the slammer. I have made it a goal to never be in the position of having to go to jail. But sometimes I wonder if killing someone would be worth going to jail, or if I could possibly get away with it. I have been planning, waiting for the day for someone to push me past my limit. So that I can see if I have planned correctly. It might be a dangerous thing to do, but I will tell you guys my plans, only if you promise to keep it between me and you?
His name is James, the guy that pushed me past my limits. He took something from me that he shouldn’t have. He took my dog away from me. He took the dog right off his chain, while he was burying his bone. But now that hole has a new purpose. It will still be full of bones, but not rawhide, now it will be raw human.
I should have noticed that this man was up to something fishy. See for the last three weeks he has circled around my house every hour. Sometimes he would even sit across the street in his truck with the lights off. There was one night while I was getting my dog off the chain, this man walked up behind me. I didn’t know he was there, but I could feel eyes on me. I turned around to see him holding my dogs bone, I quickly snatched the bone away from him and went inside, slamming the front door. I watched him that night sit in his car,  periodically lighting a cigarette. I was going to walk over to him and ask him to leave, but it wasn’t that serious, because he could have been waiting for someone. Now I wished I would have busted his lip that night, now my dog is missing.
I searched the parking lot that the man was sitting in, hoping to find something with his address on it. I found something better, his license. I walked fast to my car, turned my key, and drove to his house. It happened that I already had the materials that I needed for this job. When I got on his block, I dimmed my lights, hoping that he wouldn’t notice my car. But as I got deeper into the block, more the houses began to look like something from 1920’s, I am saying that the houses are trashed. Most of the houses don’t even have windows or front doors. But I am not here for reality, I am here for my dog which I see now. He is running around outside of this crazy mans house, chasing another dog. I parked across the street from his house, and got out.
I walked straight to his front door, and knocked. He answered quickly, but then as he saw who it was, he tried to shut the door. I pushed the door wide open and grabbed him, putting a chloroform rag to his mouth. He passes out and falls onto my shoulder. I take him to my car and throw him in the trunk. He woke up ten minutes later when I pulled him from the trunk and threw him on the ground. He would have tried to get up but I tied his hands to his feet, and his feet to his neck. So if he struggles to get away, he will choke himself, finishing the job for me. But that would be no fun, let the torture start.
The first thing that would happen during the torture would be the breaking of his fingers. I will put each one of his fingers into a nut cracker, crushing each finger in seconds of squeezing. Now that his fingers are shattered, I would move onto his feet. I take a weed eat from the trunk and sat it on the ground, then pull out a sledgehammer. I walk over to him and swing hard on to his knees, I hear the bones breaking, filling my heart with purest joy. I now will use that weed eater for the first time. With his neck tied to his feet, his head was pulled up in the stance as the old gym workout “The superman.” The weed eaters purpose was to cut his face, and it is doing its job. His face is unnoticeable now, but as I continue the torture, a cop shows up to do an inspection of the lake. I pushed the guy against a tree, and got my story ready. He didn’t stop though, he kept driving. When he was gone I pulled the man from the tree and kicked him in the stomach. Telling him that he would pay for taking my dog, he cries for mercy but its to late for that.
I pull gasoline from my car and pour it on his flesh, then take a match and throw it on him. He screams really loud for help, but that wouldn’t help him now. In a short ten minutes or less, he will not longer be alive, but this will only burn off his skin. So when he is done burning, I will take some of the strongest acid and soak his body in it. Leaving nothing but bones left from this creep. When his flesh and organs are gone, I will put his bones in the cemetery, leaving one bone for my dog to chew on. This would be my trophy because every time I would see my dog chew on the bone, I will be reminded on how I got away with killing a man. 

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