Big Bang ain’t my thing..rememberence.

Posted: July 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

This post goes back to my second blog “voice from beyond.” Though some of my views have changed. This blog will show you guys how i feel about the Big Bang theory.
Before I became a Christian, the Big Bang theory weighed heavily on my mind. It made complete sense to me. I couldn’t find the hole in the theory to debunk the assumption. The world has radiation, and is clearly moving farther out. With these two signs , one can write an anti-Christ article that would make a few pastors pack their bags and retire.
As a Christian and a big science guy, I needed to find a happy medium that wouldn’t go against what I believed in, yet wouldn’t deny the possibilities. I prayed about it, and something inside of me clicked. Soon I found myself explaining to preachers about my new revelation.
Before we were here on Earth. Way before we could even fathom, there was said to be a singularity, or a single point where all energy and everything is placed. When the singularity became too powerful, it had to expand; creating the universe we live in.
This part of the big band theory is where I got my start of what I call ‘The Jesus bang.’ Let me explain why I called it that; Light creates heat, well as the big bang indicates that the singularity was very hot, meaning there must have been some type of light in the point. Jesus himself is called “The Light of the World.” he is also called “The creator.”
With this said I believe that God was the singularity, and as time passed he decided to create the universe, so he expanded, or “Banged!” as the theory states.
Now to explain why I believe we scientist believe we are coming back to the single point we were first at. In the Big Bang, scientist have said we will expand to a point then come back to the singularity we once were at. This makes perfect sense if you have study out the Bible.
When we read about the coming back of Christ, do we actually think of the ways he might come back. I believe the Lord will bring his people back to the beginning where he started. This explains the universe coming back to a single point. The Lord is bringing his people back to the perfection he once had, before the fall of man.
I know that no matter what people say, there will never be an answer to what really happened. But I hope with this one post people will realize not every Christian disagrees with the Big Bang theory, they just have a different insight of it, and that it’s not something we need to cut each others throats over!


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