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I use to watch a podcast, directed by Ray William Johnson and his ex-girlfriend, Anna. It was called Runaway Thoughts, an hour long podcast that would cover anything from cats to penis Burka’s. I got inspired by this podcast and want to try this out. So today this will be a one-post segment to see if you guys would like something like this in the future. If not, then we will act as if this was never written, and I will put it in the cellar for no one to see ever again.
First, Today I was on an application that I have written a few post about in the past, and I made this post about the dark side of the moon: Do you think that the dark-side of the moon has cookies? What do you think they taste like? I would think that the cookies would be powdered, and probably are like carrots, where you need to pull them from the ground. But then I thought, what if the moon has something that we never have thought off, a white chocolate-chocolate filled Oreo. Two rich cookies made from white chocolate, and then with the sweet center made out of Fudge. What if people made this? You think obesity is bad now? You can’t tell me that you could stop after one of these babies, no one could.
Secondly, Now that I have gorged myself in the thought of the worlds best cookie ever, let me workout the fat that I will gain due to the luscious treats, I am talking about doing one workout in the second month of insanity. Insanity is a, well, insane workout coached by Shaun T, a coach for the company Beach body. I started the workout a little more than five weeks ago, but nothing could ready me for the pain that I was in yesterday. Month 2 of Insanity (A cardio focused program) can be compared to Russian torture. I was dripping sweat in the first round of three intervals of the warm-up, this was followed by a 45-minute intense fat-burning workout. By the time we did the final cool-down I wasn’t able to stand. But I wasn’t the only one, there were people on the DVD, that are fitness instructors that couldn’t handle the heat either. It was hell, my knees were on fire, my back was aching, I was gasping for air. When we finished the workout, my wife looked at me with a look and said this “So that’s what we have to look forward to.” She is right, we are on day one of twenty-eight in the second month. So this is the beginning with three new core workout routines coming into play later this week. So if you are ready to get into shape, try Shaun T’s Insanity. It is worth the pain.
Continued, My journey on Fallout almost was cut short in the last couple days when my device failed to load. I was in the casino at Primm, and I was racking up the winnings, playing blackjack. Every time that I would win a good sum of money, I would save, in order to fix any bad luck runs. I got one of those runs and wanted to load my previous save in order to get back to my old amount. I was in deep regret when it said that my game couldn’t be loaded because it needed the downloadable content to continue. I freaked out, I have spent 40 hours on this game so far, ignoring the main story a lot of that time, in order to complete all of the other side-quest first. So when it was unable to load, I thought of all the time that I had lost due to this piece of crap device. But as the light was being dimmed, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. This light was the chance to load my old save that was only minutes before I had this glitch. So it wasn’t hard to get back to where I was, which I was thankful of! If I wasted 40-hours because of some stupid glitch, I would be beyond pissed. Let me tell you that!
lastly, This week has been stressful with looking for a new job. I have started a soft search for new employment to better myself from where I am now. I applied to a few places, and with each place I apply, I get more hope. Even if they are not calling me back, that’s fine. I just need to get myself back on free agency to prove to myself that I can do this. But this isn’t the stressful part of my week. My mother came back into my life this week after a year of silence, trying to get me to visit her. But this time she masked herself as someone I have never met. A woman that i guess is her sister. I am not fully sure, but this woman is crazy. She told me that my mother was dead, and that I should feel ashamed of what I have done to her. When in reality she is the one that messed up my life. I miss my mother and wished that she wasn’t so crazy. But I know she will never change, and that’s what hurts. I can’t understand how someone that was suppose to love me, could do what she did, but then have the nuts to sit there, and blame it on someone that has been there my whole life. But life will go on and be better. I just have to stay focused.
Final thoughts, Blogging is becoming easy again, even with a previous writers block happening that I thought would ruin my future. But I overcame the giant that stood there in the mirror looking back at me. Anyways, I have a lot of good things coming to you guys in the next few weeks, this blog is about to aim for the moon, possibly through the moon. I am tired of aiming for two views a day, its time to make this blog popular. So help me, if you are the fans that I know that you guys are. Help by sharing every post that I put up. I have the great content, but I am only person, I need others to share this content! I am asking you for your dedication! Let me know also how you feel about ImpromtThoughts!  

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