I have one week to live.

Posted: July 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

We all will have that one feeling in our lives that will scare us, that feeling is the feeling of death. I have wondered for hours on how death would feel, not that I want to die, but mainly to know what is to happen. Do we feel anything? Will there be pain even after our flesh gives up? Or will we slip into a solid white light, and never feel again? But the scariest question is what if you knew for a fact that you were going to die in a week? What would you do differently?
This question was brought to my mind yesterday as I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden our house began to shake, followed by a big boom. I still don’t know what happened, but the first two things I thought of was: Either another country bombed us, or the rapture has begun. Neither of these were the correct outcome, honestly I feel as if my neighbors above me were just jumping around. But it still got me thinking about what I would do if that were to happen. What would I do in my last week on earth?
The absolute truth is that I have no idea, I feel I would waste that last week on God’s green earth, planning on what I want to change. Then with the week gone, I would slip into the void of the unknown, never to return to the home I so love, but with me thinking about it. The first thing that I would change, is the love that I show my father. I have never shown affection to my father, Greg Jenkins, like I feel he deserves, but he still stands strong behind me. I would hate to lose the best father in the world, but I feel if I would give him that week of love he would be at peace.
Second, I would take some time to comfort my wife, Ariel, to show her that I will be gone, but not forgotten, that no matter how many times she will want to cry, she should carry on and live her life to the full extent, because I will be with her the whole ride, even when she doesn’t feel me there. I would hate to look down from Heaven to see that she is taking my loss hard. I would hope that my comfort will help, even knowing that it wont solve the pain, but I would hope that it would ease the suffering.
lastly, I would spend the remaining time on this earth to get closer to friends, and help the needy. When I say help the needy, I am saying that no matter how much I want to quit, I wont quit. I wont stop until every homeless person is in a home, I would die trying to help those who cant help themselves. Honestly, that would be the best death to have. To die while helping those that are in need, showing the love that Christ would want us to show.
Now I know that most would choose to spend the last week partying, and having sex. But in my life there are more important things to do than that. Those things in life are just pendants that we see as trophies, but to me being close to family and helping those in need can never be replace. They out-weigh anything that this world can give us. I would rather get the trophy for sharing love than one for winning a football game. As I would rather have people that would miss me ten years after I am dead, clinging to my memories, than a short few friends that only remember how stupid I looked shooting out lights naked, when I was drunk. `

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