ImpromtTV- The Future of Impromtdude

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Uncategorized
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“Welcome to the Impromtdude show, No shoes! No Shirts! No Pants! No Problem! We are here for you, so you don’t have to go to sleep alone.” Today we will talk about my new talk show, not as if it is a thing, but it could be in the future, but not in the near future, I am talking 2034 or 2035. I will be using the talk show to get information out to you about what is happening during the Nuclear War. But if I were to get that talk show going right now, I have to wonder, what would it be about?
I have done one podcast, and that was almost five-years ago. It was during the making of my first album. In the podcast, I was describing what inspired me to make the album, and what was planned for the future. Now looking back at that podcast, I realized, it was very rough to make. Not because I’m not good at that stuff, because I’m the bomb, but more because at that time, I didn’t know the ins and outs of writing the script and recording. But after four years of recording three albums and many videos, I feel like if I were to start a YouTube talk show, the channel would go viral, not right away, but eventually, like tens years down the road.
I would make the first episode about something funny in the news, because that would bring the audience to my channel, because of the trending hits that the searches would get. Then as more people came to my channel, I would start to base it around more impromptu ideas. Maybe at some point it would become something to the lines of “Who’s line is it anyways” just without the movement, but more based on talking about random topics to give you a small laugh to end the night.
I remember the first time that I tried to get noticed on YouTube, I was 20 years old and a gamer. I would play video games all the time and record the gameplay. Then I would take the recorded materials and throw some voice behind it and put it up as a “Commentary.” But when that didn’t go down as planned, I realized that there are way to many people doing what I thought I was amazing at. I wasn’t as good at the gameplay as those who have the thirty years of experience, that spend all day in their moms basement, smoking a bud and playing their seventh hour in a row of C.o.d. I am not that dedicated to playing video games, when I can post a blog about everything, and be able to better myself, while getting love from amazing people like you guys.
With this being said, I am admitting that if I were giving the chance, I would turn this amazing blog into a talk show. I would have some funny people come on to the show, and I would ask them questions that they never get in basic interviews. I would have chugging competitions, rap battles, arm wrestling. Anything that you usually don’t see on T.V This is because there is nothing I hate being, then like other people. I like to be my own person, so if I were to make the world most random Talk Show, would you watch it?


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