End of the world

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Uncategorized
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You can talk to everyone in the USA right now, and I bet half of them will say that we are in our last few years of existence. Some think that we will be nuked soon, some will tell you that we will be dead from war against each other, a few would say Zombies will take over, and the rest, well are the people that believe in the rapture. With all these theories being made up, I have no idea which one to believe. So I will make my own theory up and it will be what I believe.
Just like the pastor did in 2010 or something, I will guess the year that the world will cease to rotate around the sun. It will be the summer of 2034, when everything will go to hell. Global warming will be the first down fall, things will begin to feel like hell, we will feel as if we have passed and didn’t do enough to earn our spot. The average temperature will be 108* in the winters and 128* during the summer. Cars wont start anymore, due to overheating. The asphalt will be like fire to your feet, your shoe soles will melt to the ground. In attempt of adaptation, they will attempt to make shoes that can withstand the heat, but the more they try the less it works.
The heat wont be nearly the only problem as the heat begins to kill people off, there will be seasons of Acid rain from over polluting the oceans. This will cause problems with the produce that people can produce, but also the live stock that we have all come to raise over the years. The cows, chickens, pigs will die from the excessive heat, but for those who get through, the acid will burn their body to the point of cardio active arrest. The loss will cause the people around these areas to starve and eventually die, or kill for the food remaining.
With people killing each other, the cops will try to stand up and stop the people, but nothing positive will ever come out of this, nothing but more riots. With the cops not being able to help out the situation. The president notices all of the riots and give them the green light to kill anyone who tries to harm them. Now that they have the go ahead from the president to kill anyone that is fighting. The cops take advantage of the situation and begin to fire on innocent civilians as well as the rioters. But as the US begin to kill off their people, the East will try to come to our rescue. At this point though, we will have become to un-stobbale for anyone outside to attempt to control us. The east will put up an amazing fight, but as we start to lose the ground, we will drop a nuke on their homeland.
For most of the east, the outcome was the same, they died from the blast. But there will be a group that was informed of the US’ plan, and took shelter under ground. They were able to survive the blast, but as they got out of the shelter, they were infested with the radiation of the bomb. They will last for only a few months until they cease.
With the East finally out of the way, the US will set a curfew for everyone, and if they are caught outside, they will be captured and beating to death. This will be the beginning of the uprising of a group called the Thunder snakes, a group that will attempt to stand up for the people that cant fight for themselves. They will try to neutralize the government from a distance, as they try to pick off one leader at a time, but as they got closer to their goal, something happened. They were on their way to capture one of the main towers in the south, but were ambushed by more government slaves, as they attempted to retreat, they will be captured and tortured.
They will be tortured for almost six months by fire to the arms and legs, to the point their nerves have been complete burnt beyond repair. Then to put insult to pain, they set a plan for the men to be dropped off in the middle of the deadly valleys of what use to be Kenya, before the nuke dropped.
They will go ahead with the plan, planning silently together on a way to hi-jack the plane that will be dropping them off. But on the way over to the burial grounds, the men attempt and fail to do so. They were chained to the seats and as they attempt to move, they were shocked with high vault batteries. They were almost fully dead as they landed the plane, but still had enough energy to leave the plane. But as they exit the plane, a man bites on of the guards. This will be the beginning of the Zombie outbreaks, as the man that got bit will be silent about being bitten. He will go on to bite the president as he gives his finally toast in the office, as they rejoice for killing those who were fighting against them. The president turns and goes insane, killing everyone on his presidential cabinet. When the president turns further into a zombie, he will go fully insane and become paranoid about who is after him, he will nuke the most beautiful country in the world, killing him in an instant.
This will leave a few survivors in the dust of what stood as the greatest country ever. They will fight to survive, but as they get use to everything, the temperature will drop to below zero. This will cause the world to go into the second ice age, killing those who fought to survive. If you are scared about all of this happening above, then it is time for you to go to church, sinners! Nah, nothing you do will help, you will die slowly. Just remember that I will still be posting a note everyday from my shelter! Love you guys.


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