He has been there for me through the thick and the thin. He has done everything in his power to keep me safe, even when it put him in danger. He has spent hours budgeting the bills hoping at the end, he would be able to buy me anything that I needed or simply wanted. He has beat my ass and taught me the rights and wrongs in this world. He has taught me that one cannot take their life granted. He has impressed me with his dedication and with the amount of love in his heart. Even though he is injured, he still kills himself to please others around him. He is awesome.
This guy that I mentioned above was the same guy that helped me when I got married to my wife. We under budgeted and spent some of our free money in other places, this put us behind about $400 going into the last 6 weeks. With both of our next checks being taken away by rent and with other bills that were already late, I simply called him to vent to him, because he is a great listener, well he did something that I didn’t expect. He showed up at our house with a load of cash that he had gotten out of the bank to give it to us. The amazing part is that as he told us that this was just part of our wedding gift. We were able to pay the rest of our wedding off, and was able to pay for part of our honeymoon.
Then came the time where my thermostat went out in my car. I was on the road at 11p.m. and all of a sudden my car started to overheat to the point that my engine was knocking. My heart dropped, all I had was $30 in my name, and that was going to gas for the next two weeks. I called this man and he was at my house within a day to fix the thermostat. Let me remind you that it was the time in Illinois where we were having -11 degree weather. He stood out in the cold for almost two hours fixing the car.
Also, there was a time where my wife and I were having a big trouble in our relationship. We were planning a wedding and were fighting alot. I was stressed to the max, and I wanted to give up and leave, but when I called him, he simply laughed and told me to get back in that house and take my wife out to a nice dinner. He wasn’t going to accept that I was going to leave, but would do anything in his power to keep someone as myself happy, as he would for anyone else.
He has always been here for me, even when his house burnt down. He will do anything for anyone without the mindset that you owe him. Actually we were talking last night about my cousins wedding and I asked if he was going to marry them, he said yes. I chuckled and asked him how much he was getting. He then told me that it wasn’t about the money, but that God would want him to help someone in need. He is so caring, he doesn’t want people to feel stressed to help him, but he will stress himself to help someone in need. That is who he always has been, and to think that at one time in my life, I took him for granted. He is only my father, I thought. But now I end the night thanking God that I was able to be a part of his life, and better yet his only son. He is my biggest fan and I love him. Even if I don’t say it in person. Dad I really look up to you and I love you!


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