Reacting to my old blog post “Restoring the walls of relationships”

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Today’s blog is going to be about “Restoring the walls of a relationship.” Recently I have been through the darkest pits of the devils playground when it comes to relationships. I have been chewed up; spit out; kicked; punched and plain out ripped in to a thousand small pieces! Though I went through the pain of relationships, you learn how to deal with the pain and advance in your everyday life.
Now the question is “how do you cope with something so hard?” The answer to this was unanswered in my life until I realized that it isn’t always about relationships. There are deeper things out there that need to be done than being in and out of relationships! Though I do totally agree that its better to have a girlfriend (as I do now) than to be hurting as a single being (as I was).
I recently got together with this girl. Her name is faith; She is such a queen; she knows just what to say when you are feeling down. She was the first girl that I hung out with at my house. It was fun and it showed me that the walls of relationships have been broke down!
See Faith and I hung out and we didn’t do anything but kiss. This comes to show you that you don’t have to have sex to be in a good relationship! Good relationships are built around; Trust, friendship, and most of all PURITY!
Faith and I were talking one day, and she brought up the subject about how her ex was so into sex, that it ruined the relationship. I said this to say that its never to late to turn away from sex! It will be totally better when you get married!
This society has made it as if we couldn’t make it without sex; they sell stuff with sex, because they know that temptation is the hardest thing to stay away from, but its not! It is hard yes, but its not impossible and you can do it, lets rebuild the walls of love and build this family back up!
Thank you for your time, you guys are awesome=D
God Bless,
Gregory Blake Jenkins

When I read this for the first time in almost three years, I got chills. It was the post such as these that kept my blog alive even if I wanted to close the project. I remember posting this blog when I was sitting in my English class. I just got with this girl, Faith, that turned into the total opposite than she was in this post. I was having a conversation with another friend and they couldn’t stop talking about sex. With me being very religious I hurried to tell them that they were wrong. They simply threw it to the side and continued their original conversation. I opened my MacBook and opened my word processor and began to vent to myself. This post came out later that night and I believe it got the most views out of all my post.
My view has never changed honestly. I still think that a man and woman (or same sex) can live a good life without having sex. Now that I am married I can say that sex is a very positive thing, but that’s the thing, it isn’t a need. I love the intimacy in the act of love making, but the intimicy of being able to hold her and talk to her is more important. If I didn’t talk to her about my life, our marriage would fail. But that is the thing, teenagers don’t care about their futures, they want what they want now. This is why we have pregnant teens that have no fathers.
I am saying all of this to say, it is alright to have sex when you want, there is no one in this world to tell you that you can’t. But if you decide to give that v-card away, you better hope that it is with someone that also cares about your thoughts, or you will burn out when you get boring to the man, then you will be heart broken. If I could challenge you to do anything it would be this, Don’t have sex until you can answer these three questions honestly: Can I see myself with him in three months? could I see myself with her as my wife? Would I be truly happy to have his baby in my arms?  If you say no, then focus on the purity of the relationship until you can answer yes to all three. This usually will take until you get married, so have fun :)`


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