There is no need to steal!-A true life story!

Posted: July 10, 2015 in Uncategorized
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When thinking back on life, there have been a few times that I didn’t think before acting. I hurt some amazing people and damaged their property, but there was a time in my life that I hit rock bottom. It was the day that I looked at myself at a human and realized that I either needed to change or I was going to become the person I never wanted to be. This story will make some of the viewers reading this right now nearly hate me. But I want to tell you guys that I have changed since this day. I stepped away and bettered myself. So please don’t take this story as a prideful letter, no this isn’t like this, this is is to encourage people to not go down the road I almost did once.
I was in eighth grade, I played on the basketball team for the Virginia Redbirds. We would practice from 4-7 nearly everyday. This day was like every other day, I went to practice, played my heart out nearly killing myself with how hard I pushed myself. I was glad when the coaches told us to hit the showers. Though I wasn’t the type to shower in front off other men, I needed to grab my other clothes out of my locker. I walked down to the locker room where only one other person was sitting there. We were talking when he started to go through peoples lockers and throwing their clothes around the locker room. I didn’t take a part in this part of the festivities, I had a bigger plan in mind.
There was this kid on our basketball team that we would pick on, he was a “Loser” to all of us. Well this man never locked his locker, and I wanted to get a great laugh out of my friend, that was still ravaging through guys lockers, so I started to go through this mans clothes. I didn’t find anything at first while searching, well until I got to his pants. He was carrying a few items in his pocket being: Knife, keys, quarters, but this wasn’t what caught my eye. I found his wallet in his back pocket, it was loaded with money. I am talking like for an eighth grader, he had at least one hundred dollars. Being the shameful kid that I was, I was debating if I wanted to take a little for myself. But as I grabbed a twenty out of his wallet, I heard the door behind me close.
I was startled when this kid that I thought was already gone shouted at me. “What the hell are you doing?” I couldn’t move, I was ashamed of what I was doing, so I shut the wallet and turned around. The kids face was fifty shades of Red as he saw me holding his wallet in my hand. “Dude you need to lock your locker.” That was my sad attempt at explaining myself, he looked at me like I was about to get my ass beat, but then just smiled. I was confused by the smile, why wasn’t he smashing my head into the locker, I know that would be the outcome if someone was going through my wallet. But he patted me on the shoulder and grabbed his wallet, pulled it open and counted the money. After he realized it was all there still, he told me to never go through his wallet again. Being ashamed as I was, I agreed.
That day I realized that I was going down a road that I was never trying to go down. The same road that my mother was going down, and still is. The type of lifestyle where you have to steal to get ahead in life. I was never wanting to become my mother, but that day I almost started down that road. I am glad that he caught me and from that day, I haven’t stolen anything but my wife’s heart. It is better to work for your own stuff, then to steal something that someone has broken their back to get.


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