Getting behind

Posted: July 9, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I have been blogging for the last two and a half months or so. Each day is a new challenge as I try to produce the best content that has been ever posted. But there are times where I will struggle to get content written. Its the fact that there are times where I feel as if I give you guys the same present just in different wrapping, so I try to correct the problem that was never there, causing me to fall behind in all the other post.
At this point of the blog there should be a continuous flow of new blog post and new segments. I have told you guys that they were coming but they never came. This is because I fell behind with editing all the other post that I felt were stupid or unorganized. There have been times where I will rewrite the same post four times to the end , not like it, and start over, just to write the same thing as I had at the beginning.
With always restarting the post, I have realized that I lose some of the impact of the post. The impact that would cause the readers to go “Oh damn.” But I lose that because I feel like I am telling you guys something that you will think is dumb. I have come to realize that it is something to do with my self trust. I have never been someone to give myself credit, which turns out to be a horrible idea. This is why I pulled my novel idea the first time, I spent hours criticizing the idea of Drifting Away, which turned into me giving up on the idea. This is a problem because it shows that when the going gets tough, I might give up.
There is a problem with self trust inside of me right now, even as I write this post. I keep telling myself that no one reads my post and that I should just stop, but then again the stats are going up, proving someone is reading my work. But even with the stats that are slowly climbing, my brain is trying to convince me that no one cares about what I want to say to them. I want to give up through part of my body, but the other side of my body is telling me that it would be the worst mistake ever. I have a good thing going on here, people are liking my post, it is just getting to those people that will take time. I am bad at promoting because I don’t want to annoy anyone. But I know the moment some reads my work, they will love it, like I said its getting my content to them. But I will take the bull by the horns, introducing all the new segments that I promised. I might get a little behind, but that is what happens when you act like this is your second job. And that is also the thing, with me putting this as a part time job, that means the writing needs to get done no matter what. So I can’t play fallout one day out of the week. That is worth it, because writing is my dream and I will do anything to make that dream my reality!


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