The Runaway Pt. 3: The Chase

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We ran to the other side of the room, missing the attackers grasp by inches. He stared at us with a dirty grin and picked up his shovel. As he walks towards us, he throws the head of the shovel into a stack of plates, shattering all of them, and throwing broken glass on to the kitchen floor. I let out a really loud scream as the glass hits the ground. But Amanda was staying calm, she stood in the middle of the old man and myself. She began to reason with the man.
“Sir, this isn’t what it seems. You think that we were trying to cross into your territory but that isn’t the case. We were out of alcohol, and we didn’t want to stop the party. That was the fastest way to the convince store, so we thought taking that would help. We didn’t even know you were still back there in that trailer. We weren’t trying to make you angry. If you leave now, everything that happened tonight will be forgotten.”
Amanda took a step towards the man, trying to show that she was serious, but she over stepped her boundaries. He grabs her by her throat and starts to choke her. She broke lose the first time by slamming her arm down into his elbow. But he quickly recovered and got her back into the choke hold. I was frozen to the wall as I watched my best friends’ face turning color. I knew that I needed to do something or she would be dead in no time. So I run over to the kitchen and grab one of the pieces of glass off the ground and walk over to the man that was on his knees and this point. I jab him in the back with the glass. This caused him to grab me and throw me on the ground. He walks over to me, saliva running down his chin, his tongue sticking out fully, as if he were trying to bite the organ off. He took his foot and pushed me back fully on the ground, and lifted his leg as he was about to stomp on my head. I had my whole life flash in front of my eyes as I close my eyes and started praying to God. There was a loud manly scream, then I felt someone grab me, I started to push the person off as I open my eyes. It was Amanda telling me that we needed to run.
We got outside and tried to get into her car, but the Maniac was parked behind all the cars. She looks at me and then tells me that we could run into the woods and run to the old prison. We decide that is the best option at this point, and started to run to the woods. At that moment the door to the house flew wide open, releasing a man with a missing eye. Amanda had jabbed him in his eye to save my life making this man very angry. He started to run towards us. We got to the edge of the woods and look back, he is running full speed at us. We take off again as we try to outrun him. He got into the woods and took at different path, we lost our site of him, but we could hear his shovel bouncing off each of his passing trees, then when we were expecting it, he appears out of the shadows and slams his shovel into Amandas’ ankle, breaking the bone. Amanda lets out a big scream, and tries to run away, he tried to hit her again, but this time I ran up to him and put my finger deeply into his missing eye, he screamed as Amanda got up. When I saw her limping away, I threw my leg into his balls and ran away, catching up to my friend and helped her. 
It was five minutes later when we finally saw a house up the way, we need to get her ankle elevated, not thinking that he was going to catch up to us, we decide to take a break in the house. We hurried into the house, Amanda immediatly took a seat as I looked around the house. This house was filthy, there were cans of beans laying around, clothes on the ground, and cocroaches climbing the walls. This was a horrible place to be, but it was going to do until we could go back outside. With the premises checked, I want to see how bad her ankle is, so I walk over to her and ask her to take off her shoe. As she took off her shoe, I could see that she had broken the bone. It was swollen with a sharp piece of bone pushing out her skin. He had shattered the bone in complete, but it was something that a doctor could easily fix when we get her to the emergency room. She was being so tough, she is trying to get me to laugh, but my only worry is her and her health.
“Oh shit” Amanda whispered to me as she ducked down, I followed her and asked her what it was. She explained to me that she heard a whistle, the same sound that the guy made as he walked up on her and Alex early that night. I wanted to see if there was any sign of him, but Amanda told me to not check. So I sat there holding on to her scared to death. She was just sitting there though, it was as if she didn’t care what happened next. We heard the whistle getting louder, so I took the leadership and told her that I was going to check out the window for the man. As I glanced out the window, I saw the man. He was standing a hundred yards away, patting his shovel against his arm. As I was about to get back down, he looked over at me, he noticed that we were in the house, so he started to walk this way. I got sat back down and told Amanda that we need to get down and hide. She pulled the cover over her head with a hammer, that she found in a toolbox, and lied there. I lied next to the couch, in a position that the window was a blind spot for anyone.
We have been sitting in our position for almost ten minutes, so I figure that it was clear to get back up and make sure that he had left. I got up and looked out the window, I can’t see anything, but then as I was about to get Amanda, the man put his head through one of the holes in the boarded windows and tried to grab me, I scream, immediatly Amanda got up and smashed his hand with the hammer. I helped Amanda get up and helped her limp out of the house. But as we got out of the house, the man came around the corner, forcing us to take another route. We didn’t get far until Amanda couldn’t go any farther. Her ankle was finally hurting more than she could bare. She fell to the ground, with the guy only a few yards away, I tried to get her back up but she couldn’t. She tries to tell me to leave her, but that wasn’t an option. “I will die with you before I leave you.” I got ready for the battle of my lifetime! 


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