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Meet Rondal.

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Meet Rondal, my imaginary best friend. A man that has been there for me through everything in my life. He has saved me from the evil elf’s, the angry unicorns, and the deadly aliens. He was my first true friend, and I want to introduce him to you guys, so that if any of you need someone to be there for you, there will be someone. He is a great listener.
We met for the first time in the playground as I was going down a slide. There was a bully ant that was not letting me do anything, because every time that I would try to go down the slide, he would push me back up the slide. At first I would laugh, but it got annoying when I tried to leave the slides, and he wouldn’t let me. I tried to push through him, but he pushed me back, and forced me to the ground. Rondal came out of no where and beat him butt. He then helped me up and told me to be strong. I instantly grew close to him.
There was a time in our lives that we got mad at each other, and thought that our friendship was over. Rondal was having a rough time in his life, his wife was leaving him but I still needed him. The Elf’s and Unicorns were coming to earth to take it over. I couldn’t beat them by myself even if  I tried, so I asked for his help. He told me that it wasn’t a good time, not knowing the situation fully, I began to throw a fit. I told him that he could just leave me alone. In our friendship contract (that they make them sign) it says that if a human says to leave them alone, they must leave that human alone and can only come back if they say so, but it still has to be agreed on both sides.
I fought almost the whole battle alone, without help from the jerk Rondal, but then as I lost ground and began to lose the war. He came back, breaking the contract. He jumped in a began to way lay on the unicorns, breaking they horns off their heads. They retreated, and the world was safe yet again.
He said that he was sorry as I did the same. He told me that his wife had left him. I felt bad so we went out to the bars and got kicked out since I was only six-years-old. He laughed as the bartender told me to get loss. Instead of the bar, we stole some of the apple juice from the grocery store and went home. There we played video games and talked. That day I got my best friend back. He wanted to say Hi today, so take it away Rondal.
“Hey guys, my name is Rondal. I wanted to tell you guys that I appreciate how you guys read my best friends blog. You guys are the bomb. But I have been seeing something. You guys are letting the stress of the world take advantage of your life. You are failing to have fun anymore, its like you forgot how to have fun. Take some time out of your schedule and go have fun. It is important that you let loose sometimes. Let creativity take over your body!!!!!”

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Bucket list and dreams

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When I was a little impromter I had the wildest dreams. These dreams consisted of things that I know now are never going to happen. My biggest dream was to become a cowboy astronaut that would fight off aliens with my revolver. I would be the hero of the world, and have my name in all the magazines. I would then retire and have a mountain of candy for being so amazing. I know this is impossible, only because I don’t like mountains of candy. But this got me thinking about Bucket list, and what is currently on mine. So lets jot down a few of my top items in that bucket. Then when you finish reading, leave a comment with your top ten.
10. Ramp a car over a bridge that is closing. (Like in driver. The old driving game for PlayStation)
9. Go sky diving NAKED, without a parachute. Nah give me that parachute, I chickened out.
8. Slap a horse on the butt, then run really fast.
7. Tip a cow. Mainly because I want a milkshake.
6. Order 50 McChickens from McDonalds, pay for them, then ask for a refund after the make them.
5. Pull the best prank ever thought of. Be noticed for that would be even better.
4. See a tornado, from the inside.
3. Walk around Chicago or New York, spraying chloroform in pedestrians faces.
2. Kick a cop in the balls.
1. Become the best astronaut cowboy ever, winning the war against the Freelance Aliens, and becoming the hero               of the world.
These are the rough ideas of what I want to do the most in my life. Some are silly, where some are serious. But in the end, these are the things that will fulfill my hearts desires. I might have more, maybe I could tell you some more tomorrow, but probably not. Sometimes its best to keep people guessing. So what is the top ten things on your bucket list. 

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I feel bad to announce that I am behind in my schedule today and since I haven’t had the time to write-up in my schedule, I will need to step back tonight and post something short. This blog will be about my day and why I didn’t have a good day!
My day started a little after 5 a.m. as any other day in the life of Blake. I had to open my store, which use to be so fun for me. Recently I have begun to hate each aspect of my job, opening being the second thing on that list with running the store being the first. Closing which use to be my least favorite, has become my most bearable thing to do at my job, though I still hate the job.
But something happened today that usually doesn’t, I enjoyed opening the store. I got to the store on time for the first time in a while, and got all of my work done twenty minutes later. But when my General Manager soon ruined that.
He got to work two hours after me, and instantly got on my nerves. See he has this personality that nothing is ever wrong in the world. This is not a problem though, the problem is that he has to be up in your face about it. If any of you know the true me, you know I hate people getting up in my face which he seems to do every time we work together. Today was no different.
He started off the day in my face about truck being early, which should of been a good thing but to him it wasn’t at all. He complained about it for a few minutes then griped as I put the truck away. Then came the fun part. His favorite employee came in. He tells this employee how amazing he is for doing nothing, where I do everything and don’t even get a pat-on-the-back. Today (as previously said) was no different.
He gloated about this man for two hours, until I sent the man back to do some dishes. He then got back into my face about something stupid, trying to get me to talk to him. I talked a little, but wanted to focus on my job. At this point you probably wonder why my day was actually bad. It doesn’t seem like anything that should have effected me that much, that’s because that something hadn’t happened until I was off.
My boss wanted to give me my bi-yearly review on my performance. He sat me down and in moments set my anger off. He ranked me a 2 out of a 4, which is not good. I have to disagree! I feel I work my ass off to get my job done, and still get no respect. At the beginning of this year, I worked 120 hours every two weeks for two months. Working so much nearly killed me. Then came the part of the review that nearly made me punch him. He told me that I sucked at customer service, which is funny because in the 2 1/2 years I have worked there, I have had some of the best reviews and never have had a complaint. So if that is suckish, then I would be pleased to be good one day. Today was a bad day for me. But it wont get me down, I will be tough and get over it. I will take each giant down at a time, proving to only my wife and myself that I am truly amazing!

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Have you ever spent time in the slammer? I haven’t personally, I actually have never been in a cop car in my life. I am thankful that it has never came down to that though. I wouldn’t do good in jail, there’s certain things that are not for people! Jail happens to be mine. The thought of being behind metal bars, with people I have never heard of in my life. Jail is not for me, but I have had family that have been. My uncle can’t stay out of jail, where as my mother spent a lot of time in the slammer. I have made it a goal to never be in the position of having to go to jail. But sometimes I wonder if killing someone would be worth going to jail, or if I could possibly get away with it. I have been planning, waiting for the day for someone to push me past my limit. So that I can see if I have planned correctly. It might be a dangerous thing to do, but I will tell you guys my plans, only if you promise to keep it between me and you?
His name is James, the guy that pushed me past my limits. He took something from me that he shouldn’t have. He took my dog away from me. He took the dog right off his chain, while he was burying his bone. But now that hole has a new purpose. It will still be full of bones, but not rawhide, now it will be raw human.
I should have noticed that this man was up to something fishy. See for the last three weeks he has circled around my house every hour. Sometimes he would even sit across the street in his truck with the lights off. There was one night while I was getting my dog off the chain, this man walked up behind me. I didn’t know he was there, but I could feel eyes on me. I turned around to see him holding my dogs bone, I quickly snatched the bone away from him and went inside, slamming the front door. I watched him that night sit in his car,  periodically lighting a cigarette. I was going to walk over to him and ask him to leave, but it wasn’t that serious, because he could have been waiting for someone. Now I wished I would have busted his lip that night, now my dog is missing.
I searched the parking lot that the man was sitting in, hoping to find something with his address on it. I found something better, his license. I walked fast to my car, turned my key, and drove to his house. It happened that I already had the materials that I needed for this job. When I got on his block, I dimmed my lights, hoping that he wouldn’t notice my car. But as I got deeper into the block, more the houses began to look like something from 1920’s, I am saying that the houses are trashed. Most of the houses don’t even have windows or front doors. But I am not here for reality, I am here for my dog which I see now. He is running around outside of this crazy mans house, chasing another dog. I parked across the street from his house, and got out.
I walked straight to his front door, and knocked. He answered quickly, but then as he saw who it was, he tried to shut the door. I pushed the door wide open and grabbed him, putting a chloroform rag to his mouth. He passes out and falls onto my shoulder. I take him to my car and throw him in the trunk. He woke up ten minutes later when I pulled him from the trunk and threw him on the ground. He would have tried to get up but I tied his hands to his feet, and his feet to his neck. So if he struggles to get away, he will choke himself, finishing the job for me. But that would be no fun, let the torture start.
The first thing that would happen during the torture would be the breaking of his fingers. I will put each one of his fingers into a nut cracker, crushing each finger in seconds of squeezing. Now that his fingers are shattered, I would move onto his feet. I take a weed eat from the trunk and sat it on the ground, then pull out a sledgehammer. I walk over to him and swing hard on to his knees, I hear the bones breaking, filling my heart with purest joy. I now will use that weed eater for the first time. With his neck tied to his feet, his head was pulled up in the stance as the old gym workout “The superman.” The weed eaters purpose was to cut his face, and it is doing its job. His face is unnoticeable now, but as I continue the torture, a cop shows up to do an inspection of the lake. I pushed the guy against a tree, and got my story ready. He didn’t stop though, he kept driving. When he was gone I pulled the man from the tree and kicked him in the stomach. Telling him that he would pay for taking my dog, he cries for mercy but its to late for that.
I pull gasoline from my car and pour it on his flesh, then take a match and throw it on him. He screams really loud for help, but that wouldn’t help him now. In a short ten minutes or less, he will not longer be alive, but this will only burn off his skin. So when he is done burning, I will take some of the strongest acid and soak his body in it. Leaving nothing but bones left from this creep. When his flesh and organs are gone, I will put his bones in the cemetery, leaving one bone for my dog to chew on. This would be my trophy because every time I would see my dog chew on the bone, I will be reminded on how I got away with killing a man. 

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This post goes back to my second blog “voice from beyond.” Though some of my views have changed. This blog will show you guys how i feel about the Big Bang theory.
Before I became a Christian, the Big Bang theory weighed heavily on my mind. It made complete sense to me. I couldn’t find the hole in the theory to debunk the assumption. The world has radiation, and is clearly moving farther out. With these two signs , one can write an anti-Christ article that would make a few pastors pack their bags and retire.
As a Christian and a big science guy, I needed to find a happy medium that wouldn’t go against what I believed in, yet wouldn’t deny the possibilities. I prayed about it, and something inside of me clicked. Soon I found myself explaining to preachers about my new revelation.
Before we were here on Earth. Way before we could even fathom, there was said to be a singularity, or a single point where all energy and everything is placed. When the singularity became too powerful, it had to expand; creating the universe we live in.
This part of the big band theory is where I got my start of what I call ‘The Jesus bang.’ Let me explain why I called it that; Light creates heat, well as the big bang indicates that the singularity was very hot, meaning there must have been some type of light in the point. Jesus himself is called “The Light of the World.” he is also called “The creator.”
With this said I believe that God was the singularity, and as time passed he decided to create the universe, so he expanded, or “Banged!” as the theory states.
Now to explain why I believe we scientist believe we are coming back to the single point we were first at. In the Big Bang, scientist have said we will expand to a point then come back to the singularity we once were at. This makes perfect sense if you have study out the Bible.
When we read about the coming back of Christ, do we actually think of the ways he might come back. I believe the Lord will bring his people back to the beginning where he started. This explains the universe coming back to a single point. The Lord is bringing his people back to the perfection he once had, before the fall of man.
I know that no matter what people say, there will never be an answer to what really happened. But I hope with this one post people will realize not every Christian disagrees with the Big Bang theory, they just have a different insight of it, and that it’s not something we need to cut each others throats over!

Being Happy

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When you meet someone that you care about, your heart will be full of joy, your gut full of butterflies, maybe yur eyes will even be full of tears. Your life is now fully complete, but what happens when the going gets tough, and you have to decide whose happiness is more important, yours or theirs. In life you will have to decide; How far will you go to make them happy, sometimes it causes you to let go of the person you love.
Today I was laying on the couch, with my wife, watching a movie that I have been excited to watch for a long time now. As the Longest Ride started to come to the climax, the main characters were deciding if they were needing to part their other ways, because of their chosen life styles. He was a bull rider with everything on the line, even his life. She was a dedicated art major, looking to start her own art gallery through an internship in New York.
Luke (Bull Rider) was reckless when he was working, which caused him a lot of physical troubles in life, he got into an accident during one of his compitetions, leaving him in a coma for ten days. The injury was serious and the doctors told him to stop bull riding, he didn’t want to since it was the only thing he has known. Sophia was scared for his life and told him that it was either her or his career, confused about what he would do, Luke told her to go on to New York, because they were two different people.
The story ends with both of them giving up their dreams after talking to an old man, Iran. He told them a story about how he had to let go of his wife, so that they could be happy. He wanted nothing more than for his love to be happy, so much that he would give up his own happiness. He believed that love needs compromise to stay strong, which made me think. What would I do to make sure Ariel was happy?
Ariel’s happiness is more important than anything else in my life. If she isn’t happy than I am not content with my life. I would do anything in my power to let happiness reign over her life, even if that meant one day letting her go. She deserves to be happy, she has gone through so much crap in her life to be pulled down. But luckily right now she is still happy with me and that’s whats important. But there has been a few things going one, stuff I can control. Stuff that has been tugging both of us down, into a deep abyss
I have been a little depressed with not having that many friends, so I have been trying to keep busy, but sometimes I venture out to Talklife to find friends. Since the application contains mostly women, finding guy friends is hard, so I settle for girls to be my friends, which became a problem. I was telling these girls my life story, and most were (Out of my control) falling for me. It wasn’t my will for these people to do so, but I knew it needed to change, so I did. I took it into my power to delete all applications that were linked to the girls. It may cause me to be slightly depressed, but losing Ariel would be more depressing. In life compromise is needed to have a happy life, even if it is something you don’t want to do. It will be worth it in the end. 

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I am not arrogant

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I am right all of the time. Any time someone questions me, all I have to do is tell them who i am, and they understand that I’m right. I am an Aries, meaning that no matter how wrong I could be, I am always right and that’s life. If you ever give me a test, I will just write my name in all of the answer spots, and would still get a 100% every time.
I will never be like the losers that try to make it everyday, just to end up falling back down. No, I am better than that. Whatever I set my mind to, I achieve. Even with not having all of the resources, I still end up over passing those who have everything they could possibly need for the task. They will give up in life, where I will stand tall on the mountain, putting my hands up in the air, as the victor.
My creative mind will never die, it will never fade away, there’s nothing that will refrain me from being the best in the game. My blog is the best blog in the sea of written notes. I can’t think of one writer that can surpass me in anything they do. I can take any simply word that someone says, and turn it into a best seller. That’s because whatever I set my mind to, I achieve. Nothing stops me from the things that I love to do, and if there ever comes a day that I fail to achieve something, that will be the day that the world explodes. I am a writing God, I change the current of the industry, like the moon.
I bring the competition to their knees as they pucker up to kiss my butt. Because they know the phrase, if you can’t beat them, join them. But I don’t want to befriend those free loaders, no I will get them close to me and then crush them even more. In this industry, there are no friends, just you, your pad of paper, and your handy dandy pen. If you think that there needs to be more than that, then you will fail as a writer.
Now lets be honest, this isn’t me. I would love to pair up with other writers to become better. I actually would love to be mentored by a published writer one day. I know that I have a long road coming up, the road to become a paid writer, but that’s fine. This dream would be boring if I didn’t have to work hard to get somewhere in life. I am wrong a lot when it comes to the industry, but there’s one thing that never changes; the competition doesn’t scare me though, I have enough faith in myself to know that I can ease my way through them, without having to kick someone in the teeth, but I will if I need to. Again I am an Aries, and I will do what it takes to get what I want. It will just take a little bit of time to get what I want.

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I use to watch a podcast, directed by Ray William Johnson and his ex-girlfriend, Anna. It was called Runaway Thoughts, an hour long podcast that would cover anything from cats to penis Burka’s. I got inspired by this podcast and want to try this out. So today this will be a one-post segment to see if you guys would like something like this in the future. If not, then we will act as if this was never written, and I will put it in the cellar for no one to see ever again.
First, Today I was on an application that I have written a few post about in the past, and I made this post about the dark side of the moon: Do you think that the dark-side of the moon has cookies? What do you think they taste like? I would think that the cookies would be powdered, and probably are like carrots, where you need to pull them from the ground. But then I thought, what if the moon has something that we never have thought off, a white chocolate-chocolate filled Oreo. Two rich cookies made from white chocolate, and then with the sweet center made out of Fudge. What if people made this? You think obesity is bad now? You can’t tell me that you could stop after one of these babies, no one could.
Secondly, Now that I have gorged myself in the thought of the worlds best cookie ever, let me workout the fat that I will gain due to the luscious treats, I am talking about doing one workout in the second month of insanity. Insanity is a, well, insane workout coached by Shaun T, a coach for the company Beach body. I started the workout a little more than five weeks ago, but nothing could ready me for the pain that I was in yesterday. Month 2 of Insanity (A cardio focused program) can be compared to Russian torture. I was dripping sweat in the first round of three intervals of the warm-up, this was followed by a 45-minute intense fat-burning workout. By the time we did the final cool-down I wasn’t able to stand. But I wasn’t the only one, there were people on the DVD, that are fitness instructors that couldn’t handle the heat either. It was hell, my knees were on fire, my back was aching, I was gasping for air. When we finished the workout, my wife looked at me with a look and said this “So that’s what we have to look forward to.” She is right, we are on day one of twenty-eight in the second month. So this is the beginning with three new core workout routines coming into play later this week. So if you are ready to get into shape, try Shaun T’s Insanity. It is worth the pain.
Continued, My journey on Fallout almost was cut short in the last couple days when my device failed to load. I was in the casino at Primm, and I was racking up the winnings, playing blackjack. Every time that I would win a good sum of money, I would save, in order to fix any bad luck runs. I got one of those runs and wanted to load my previous save in order to get back to my old amount. I was in deep regret when it said that my game couldn’t be loaded because it needed the downloadable content to continue. I freaked out, I have spent 40 hours on this game so far, ignoring the main story a lot of that time, in order to complete all of the other side-quest first. So when it was unable to load, I thought of all the time that I had lost due to this piece of crap device. But as the light was being dimmed, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. This light was the chance to load my old save that was only minutes before I had this glitch. So it wasn’t hard to get back to where I was, which I was thankful of! If I wasted 40-hours because of some stupid glitch, I would be beyond pissed. Let me tell you that!
lastly, This week has been stressful with looking for a new job. I have started a soft search for new employment to better myself from where I am now. I applied to a few places, and with each place I apply, I get more hope. Even if they are not calling me back, that’s fine. I just need to get myself back on free agency to prove to myself that I can do this. But this isn’t the stressful part of my week. My mother came back into my life this week after a year of silence, trying to get me to visit her. But this time she masked herself as someone I have never met. A woman that i guess is her sister. I am not fully sure, but this woman is crazy. She told me that my mother was dead, and that I should feel ashamed of what I have done to her. When in reality she is the one that messed up my life. I miss my mother and wished that she wasn’t so crazy. But I know she will never change, and that’s what hurts. I can’t understand how someone that was suppose to love me, could do what she did, but then have the nuts to sit there, and blame it on someone that has been there my whole life. But life will go on and be better. I just have to stay focused.
Final thoughts, Blogging is becoming easy again, even with a previous writers block happening that I thought would ruin my future. But I overcame the giant that stood there in the mirror looking back at me. Anyways, I have a lot of good things coming to you guys in the next few weeks, this blog is about to aim for the moon, possibly through the moon. I am tired of aiming for two views a day, its time to make this blog popular. So help me, if you are the fans that I know that you guys are. Help by sharing every post that I put up. I have the great content, but I am only person, I need others to share this content! I am asking you for your dedication! Let me know also how you feel about ImpromtThoughts!  

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I have one week to live.

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We all will have that one feeling in our lives that will scare us, that feeling is the feeling of death. I have wondered for hours on how death would feel, not that I want to die, but mainly to know what is to happen. Do we feel anything? Will there be pain even after our flesh gives up? Or will we slip into a solid white light, and never feel again? But the scariest question is what if you knew for a fact that you were going to die in a week? What would you do differently?
This question was brought to my mind yesterday as I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden our house began to shake, followed by a big boom. I still don’t know what happened, but the first two things I thought of was: Either another country bombed us, or the rapture has begun. Neither of these were the correct outcome, honestly I feel as if my neighbors above me were just jumping around. But it still got me thinking about what I would do if that were to happen. What would I do in my last week on earth?
The absolute truth is that I have no idea, I feel I would waste that last week on God’s green earth, planning on what I want to change. Then with the week gone, I would slip into the void of the unknown, never to return to the home I so love, but with me thinking about it. The first thing that I would change, is the love that I show my father. I have never shown affection to my father, Greg Jenkins, like I feel he deserves, but he still stands strong behind me. I would hate to lose the best father in the world, but I feel if I would give him that week of love he would be at peace.
Second, I would take some time to comfort my wife, Ariel, to show her that I will be gone, but not forgotten, that no matter how many times she will want to cry, she should carry on and live her life to the full extent, because I will be with her the whole ride, even when she doesn’t feel me there. I would hate to look down from Heaven to see that she is taking my loss hard. I would hope that my comfort will help, even knowing that it wont solve the pain, but I would hope that it would ease the suffering.
lastly, I would spend the remaining time on this earth to get closer to friends, and help the needy. When I say help the needy, I am saying that no matter how much I want to quit, I wont quit. I wont stop until every homeless person is in a home, I would die trying to help those who cant help themselves. Honestly, that would be the best death to have. To die while helping those that are in need, showing the love that Christ would want us to show.
Now I know that most would choose to spend the last week partying, and having sex. But in my life there are more important things to do than that. Those things in life are just pendants that we see as trophies, but to me being close to family and helping those in need can never be replace. They out-weigh anything that this world can give us. I would rather get the trophy for sharing love than one for winning a football game. As I would rather have people that would miss me ten years after I am dead, clinging to my memories, than a short few friends that only remember how stupid I looked shooting out lights naked, when I was drunk. `

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Imagine this, there is a boy sitting at his computer, when the windows begin to shake. His eyes get big as he hears a loud thundering bang followed by his feet shaking, he was feeling his house falling apart. The shaking stops after seconds, but then his dog starts to bark at his basement door. The boy doesn’t like to go down to the basement alone, because the boogyman is down there, waiting for his innocent-curiosity soul to reach into the darkness, for him to steal his life away. The boy didn’t want to go down to the basement, but he begins to smell smoke. He thought the washer was on fire, he flew down the stairs, almost being tripped by his dog, that was next to him as his body guard. The basement was fine though. The washer needed to be emptied, but it was not on fire. But as the boy reached into the washer to grab the clothes, his fuse box blows up, cutting off all the lights in the basement, a loud humming comes from the other room. The boy walks into the other room, scared of the noise, not knowing what to do if someone was in there with him. He would probably scream and try to run, in which someone would grab him and use him for their sick dreams. But as he rounded the corner, he saw the empty room with a medical bed against the wall. The lights flicker on then blow again, this time the light flashes into his eyes, leaving him without vision for seconds. It took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust, but as he has a cloud of light in his eyes, he could see that he wasn’t alone in the basement, there was a guy in a trench coat. The boy screams and tries to run away, but as he turned around, he hits the cold-hard brick wall. He turns around slowly, to see that the man in the trench coat couldn’t see him, instead the mysterious man was about to operate on a man.
This man was screaming for the boy to cut the ties off of the bed. The man had been strapped to the bed with medical strap, the same kind they hold down people that are rushed to the emergency room. In order to help the kid has to find something sharp, so he runs to the operating table and reaches for the scalpel, that was fully covered in blood. His hand goes fully through the table as the memory goes back to the doorway of the room. He was standing in front of the hospital bed, but this time, there was blood stains stained into the bed sheets. The kid was so scared that he tried to run back up stairs. But as he climbed the first three stairs, the doorway blazed up in flames, making it impossible for the young child to get out of the door. In desperation he runs into the laundry room. He tries to get out of he laundry room window leading outside, but the glass was not breaking, even with the hammer that he picks up from the toolbox next to the washer. As he attempted to get out of the house, the fire has made its way to his position,he could feel the heat from the flame, and slowly lost his breath from the carbon dioxide in the air. He climbs on to the washer and starts to cry as he sees the flame climb against the wall. Water begins to pour out of the washer onto the ground beneath him, sizzling some of the flames, he gets an idea. He tries to loosing the water house in order to release the water going to the washer, in attempt to put out the fire, but the nozzle was burning hot, melting his skin to the metal. The flame was now over his head, and begins to drop on his long black hair, he pats the fire out as he screams for help. No one hears his S.O.S as the flame begins to swallow him alive. He tries to get away from the flame, but as he does, he falls onto the ground, his ankle twists wrong, snapping the bone, the flame begins to climb on his leg. He feels the flame ripping through the skin as it begins to burn away the muscle. He was fully engulfed in flames within seconds, but he still tries to get out, but as he got to the door to the swimming pool room. He falls into a deep black hole, he falls for what feels like seven years and ends by slamming into long spikes.
The little boys opens his eyes, it was only a dream, he was still in one piece. But then as he tried to get up, he couldn’t move. He was stuck to his bed and as he looked down, he saw that he was in medical straps, unable to move from the bed at all, without any help. But he wasn’t alone, there was a man, he was holding a saw, he was a creepy one-eyed man, and he was laughing at him. The little boy starts to struggle harder to get out of the chains, but the man puts the saw to his throat, nothing happens. He stops the saw and looks into his eyes, then he walks away. The boy looks down his torso to see if he could see what the man was getting, all he could see is that the doctor was grabbing a hammer with a blade on the end of it. He turns around for the little boy to see that he now had nails in his other hand. The doctor walks over to him, patting the hammer against his left palm, then putting the nail to the boys temple, and starts to tap the top of the nail. Blood ran down the side of his head as the nail pierced the skin and went into the skull. He could now hear noises in his head, they were of other victims, in other rooms, screaming to be let go, each one being tortured as he was. But there was one voice that caught his attention, more than any other voice in his head, it was his voice, screaming for someone to stop the flames from burning him. He clinched his fist tightly as he felt the flame for himself, he didn’t know how he was feeling it, but it felt as he was the one on fire, burning to death. The Doctor mutters a few words “Welcome to Hell.” He slams down the nail into his skull. This time he wakes up from the torture, to be strapped in a chair, getting prepared to be electrocuted, he could now hear another voice, a young boy asking a man to stop forcing a nail into his skull. He was right, this is hell.