The Meaning Behind Impromtdude

Posted: June 27, 2015 in Uncategorized
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When I started this blog I figured it would crash after a few weeks, but I was wrong. There has always been an audience (sometimes small) that has been attracted to my post. I started to notice this when I started my old story “Night Crawler Journals,” so I decided for this to stay around until I saw that no one wanted to read my material anymore, that day never came, if anything I have received more traffic in the last two weeks than I ever did on my old blogs. But this post isn’t about my lack of faith in myself, it is about how I came up with the name.
I have noticed that most bloggers have their own name on their blog, but I am not one to go with the current, I liked to paddle up stream, even if it means I fail. With this being said, I was in a rut a week before I wanted to launch this blog on BlogSpot. I was so lost on what I wanted to call this random blog that was going to be full of ideas and material to get any writer out of writers block. With nothing coming to mind, I started to write names that came down in my head revolving around random subjects. The first few names were funny: Funny man, captain smiles, Random thunder. But none of these sounded right for the blog, so I thought harder on what was the closest thing to random without using the word “Random.” Finally it clicked to me, Impromtu is the act of doing something without being planned or rehearsed. That sounded right for someone that was going to be generating ideas on the fly to discuss, so I got the first part down, next was to finish the name.
I tried for a few minutes thinking about what could possibly go with impromptu, but literally nothing came to mind, so I started walking around my room talking to myself, calling myself all different types of things like: impromptu slayer, the impromptuer. These names weren’t ringing, so I got mad and shouted “Why don’t I just called myself Impromptuguy” Then it came to me like a wrecking ball with Miley Cyrus on it, I would then call myself Impromptudude, well that was until I tried to search for myself on Google. I made a Facebook before the blog to test how simple the name was to find. It was the third page when I finally found it, that wouldn’t work but I loved the name, again I was stuck. Then in the midst of changing the name to Impromptu slayer.
   I decided that instead of changing my name fully, why not misspell impromptu so it still carries the meaning but isn’t the same thing. That’s when I dropped the extra “P” and “Tu” making the name ring out loudly as “Impromtdude.” I absolutley loved the name but I wondered if it was going to be easily searched, so I did the search and there I was, the first story on Google. In that moment I became the blogger with a name, a pretty kick-ass name, that was going to shape this blog all together!


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