So gay marriage got legalized today in all 50 states of America today by the Supreme court. Gays can now marry as they want. The lgbt community is excited by the 5-4 vote that took place, But now we have certain people wanting to take it away from them, this is what I have to say to you:
Stop griping about gays getting rights, they (as anyone else) deserve to love who the want. It isn’t like they are asking for all the churches to be burnt down, or for the congress to give them all brand new homes. They are asking for the right to get married, the same right that straight people have.
They are not creatures that we just found on the side of the road and took into our society, no these are the same people that we work with, go to school with, live next door to, and talk to while waiting on our food at Mcdonalds. They don’t have different organs in their bodies, nor do they act any different from us “Normal” people. If you believe they are different, then you are just an asshole.
We all have one friend that is gay. My best friend came out in the middle of class during freshman year of high school. No one knew that he was gay, nor did anyone care. We accepted the awesome man that he was, and we chose to be his friend, not because he was straight, but because he was a cool guy.
The honest truth is that Gay people deserve to have the right to marry who the want as anyone else. This should have been giving to them a long time ago. But even with them getting the right, you will always have those people thinking they know what is right and wrong.
There will always will be those people that disagree, in this situation sadly it is the Christian community. The same people that are suppose to love their neighbors better than they love themselves, are the ones throwing stones at these people asking for equality.
They are posting on Facebook that this is an act of Satan, but honestly what is different from them getting rights, next to the priest touching children, or a pastor cheating on his wife, meaning that if it is a sin, who cares. No one is perfect, no matter how much you polish them. 
For those who say that this wasn’t how the country was built, you guys are blind. I want to say that this falls into the freedom of choice, the same area as Freedom of Religion. Meaning that they should have the same amount of freedom choosing who they marry as the Christian community choosing their God. We also fail to realize our founding fathers also found this country on “The pursuit of happiness.” If I had to rephrase that I would say that it means, Do whatever you can to find your way in this world, to the extent of being content with who you are.
With that being said who are we to tell someone they cant do something if it makes them happy. This country is found on equality, which is what they want. How can we keep that from them?


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