Lets start a riot!!!!!!

Posted: June 25, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Stop asking for more money in minimum wage, it will only crush the system, making it even harder for those who cant find a job, to feed their family’s, Why? Because when they raise the ceiling on Minimum wage, they will also raise anything they possibly can. Remember gas being $1.15/gallon? Well gas prices will sky rocket to the point that we will need a horse and buggy, but we won’t even have horses around because we wont have the money to feed them carrots. (A cheeseburger from Mcdonalds is $1.09) Now do you like to grab a cheap cheeseburger at Mcdonalds after work? Yeah that will cost you 5 dollars, and that’s if beef doesn’t raise also. All of this is because they have to pay little miss Miranda $10/hour to wipe down tables for 7 hours a day, and will have to pay their new manager $13/hour. Still think it is a good idea to raise minimum wage?
I work at McDonalds as an assistant manager, making $9.65/hour being the lowest paid manager at my store, doing the most. So you are telling me that someone that came to their interview in their pajamas should start out at $10/hour? That’s jank! Hell jank isn’t the word for how stupid that is; maybe Fucking Stupid works better. No one off the road deserves more than $9/hour, especially when most don’t know how to mop a floor properly.
The reason that I am so mad about this new change, that will take place in most places by the end of August, is because I worked so hard to get where I am today. I worked with deep cuts that needed attention, a series of flu’s, I have worked every holiday for the last two years, even worked with a 2nd degree burn. I have been punched, cussed out, had things thrown at me, called a criminal, stupid, ugly. This happens most of the time, sometimes multiple times a week. So why is it that the people that would have beat someone to death for yelling at them, gets more money.
I believe in this thing I call “Working wage” meaning that if you flip a burger, you should only get $8/hour and if you are putting yourself in danger, such as a private in the army, (don’t know the class ranks) They should be receiving the highest pay possible. They are the reasons that you are even reading this post. So to say that someone is to make more (flipping burgers) than someone killing their selves keeping this country free would be complete delirious. 
I don’t usually post controversial material, because I know what comes with the territory, but when I am being effected for something I don’t agree with, yes I will stand up to the plate and take a swing.
With all of this being said; here is my open minded opinion: You have to earn every cent that you make, and you know what you signed up for when you got the job. The best way I have found to get ahead is to work hard, or go to college. The people that are begging for 15/hour are also those who don’t have any education, or those who want another hand-out. I am fully against the the raise of minimum wage, are you?


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