Mind your own business

Posted: June 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Est reading time: 4:12
There comes a time when you need to mind your own business and focus on your life. That point when you have to stop taking control of other peoples lives and take care of the aspects in your life. But most people think that everything is their business, and that they must take control of every situation, but they fail to find a happy median in their own lives.
We all have one of those people in our lives. Someone that is always trying to push your barriers down or barriers of someone close to you. They will tear everything you do down and make you feel like you are failing at life, but where are they at? Oh they are still are waiting for their chance in this world, lying on a couch all day. But they can tell you that you need to do everything that they refuse to do themselves.
While attending church every Sunday and Wednesday, I got to see a lot of new faces and some old faces. Being someone that loved to meet new people, I was always the first one to greet these new people. I met a lot of nice people, but also met a lot of jerks. But the people that hurt me the most where the regulars. I had this one woman that honestly couldn’t take care of her own kids, tell others how to raise their children. I just shook my head when I overheard their conversation, because the new person would take her advice, but if you give such good advice, why is your kid getting up during service and running throughout the building, without correction.
That’s what is toxic about these type of people, they have the best advice for everyone else, but they can’t take any of the advice for their selves. It is like they see that they are failures so they have to tell everyone else how to live their lives. But then there are the “Fire ants” these types of naggers are also those who go over and beyond as much as telling a mother to back off of her own son. That type of a person that will tell you to do things that will only satisfy their own life, but will also tell you that you are failing. Fire ants are those who are behind on bills, and will make people feel they need to help, or the people that call the local cable company and will lie to get a free month. Fire ants take advantage of everyone because they have nothing going for themselves, but at the same time they will find everything your doing wrong in your life, and will critique the shit-out-of-it.
If you know people like this, then you should call the Orkin man, because you are about to have some major problems. You need to treat your house before these blood suckers get to you, and take everything you have, including your pride. Stand up to these free-loaders because if you don’t, they will send you into a major depression! Get it treated today, while you still have a chance!


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