If this were two days ago

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

I would be wishing for the days to end and for me to be able to sleep in my warm bed again, I would be trying everything in my power to get better and not push myself pass my limits, I would try to weigh out my options more and do more research. If this were two days ago, I would make myself a healthier Blake.
I have been doing a lot of cardio work and getting myself more fit for the summer. This was a choice that I made about a month ago when I stopped drinking soda. My teeth were always hurting, my bones always ached, my head always felt heavy. I found that the cause of all of these symptoms were due to sucky nutrition. I was killing myself by filling my body with acids and sugars that were trying to be broke down, but as you know the body cant break down the sugars found in soda. It goes straight to your gut. With no sign of exercise, I found my body falling apart, nearly borderline diabetic.
Since I don’t want to take a shot everyday, or be worried about eating something that could kill me, I decided to get back into working out and cutting the crap out of my diet. But with great insanity comes worse pinched nerves, which I have due to the intense workouts I have been doing.
Pinched nerves are caused by compression that stop the nerves from sending signals. These are usually caused by sleeping wrong, obesity, working to hard, stress, injuries, and poor posture. Though most pinched nerves are minor, there can be major consequences for not taking care of one, involving surgeries to repair the nerve.
I am no doctor, nor will I try to explain further what a pinched nerve is, all I will say is that they suck more than Lindsay Lohan on a Friday night. Now try mixing the nerve in with my work and workouts, life becomes a bundle of pain and agony. I just wish I would have paid more attention to the signs.
The pinched nerve is in now way severe, but it still puts a strain on things when I need to get up and move fast. Since it is in my neck, I have to be super sensitive to how I move. I feel as if I would have been properly filling my body with the right amount of nutrients at the beginning this wouldn’t have happened. I cant go back in time, but starting today I can start drinking more milk (calcium) and eating more fruit (for potassium) to get this body to where it needs to be. If you have a pinched nerve you should do the same. If it doesn’t go away shortly after you pinch it, you should see your physician. 


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