What are Friendzones?

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

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Original post:
Friend zone is the worse place to find your self with a woman. My question though is this “Can you actually escape friend zone?”
As a man I have a experienced the phrase “I think we are to good of friends, I just cant date you.” It hurts to hear a woman say that; it’s as if you spent all the time trying to get them to like you, for what? To have them destroy by throwing you into the dark pits of friend zone! My friend recently got thrown into friend zone without even really knowing it! See when you get put in friend zone or other know as best friends for life zone, there is nearly no any help for you, your chances with that girl have just shriveled down to a raisin size chance.
For me I have never got out of friend zone once I was thrown in there, its like a new hell, you know the feeling of torture, because you dearly want to be with her, but she wants to be just friends, amigos, buds. Yeah it hurts doesn’t it! But even though I don’t like friend zone there are some circumstances that need to be evaluated
1. If you have been best friends since kindergarten, you can’t be mad at a girl if you have been really close friends for that long.
2. She could like someone else that you are friends with, girls emotions are messed up as we know, she could just possibly have falling for your best friend and
3. You are just not her type; though you think that you are a perfect fit, you cant just go by your emotions, but you must take into consideration that she might just see you as a really good friend.
There never truly will be an answer to the question “can you escape friend zone?” I think personally friend zone is a way to say, I don’t like you but I cant hurt you. I have to say that if you find yourself in friend zone just keep trusting that someday you can become more, but don’t stress over the girl, because again she could just see you as a friend honestly, and if you have her in your life as a friend, then that’s better than not having her at all!!!!

I never thought that I would come back to this topic, but every stone needs turned eventually. So today I will react to this post. This post is almost four years old, and every word still makes sense to this day. Friend zones still are happening, sending innocent men to the friend zone, without any hope of getting out to return to life. They will spend the next three years trying to get that girl to notice him. In all of this effort to impress the girl, they could of already been married or happy by themselves.
In high school, I was put into multiple friend zones. I tried to escape each one but it never helped, it always ended up with me being hurt and depressed. I wasted to much time trying to impress the girls that honestly never cared. But with everything being said, I saw why I needed to end up in the friend zone!
If I would have been with any girl that put me in the friend zone, it would  have pushed me back and at the end I would have wasted more time and effort. Because the same girls that put me in the friend zone are now in the same spot they were in at the beginning. Where I am very happy with who I became and happily married.
There is always also the chance that you need that person as a friend. I am sadly not friends with any of those old girls, but I know that they have become great friends to some of my friends. So always put that into perspective. I know it sucks, but at the end you will be happier to be their friend, then a chalked up memory!
So if you are feeling down for being in the friend zone, I am sorry. But it is important to push through the pain and making something of yourself. The faster you better yourself, the faster you will be happy, with or without the girl or guy. No one is worth the pain that you are in!


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