Is the end times here now?

Posted: June 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

Est reading time: 5:06
I got a phone call last night from my wife. This was a weird phone call while I was at work. I usually try to stay off my phone as much as possible so I can get out of that horrible place faster. But when the wife calls 4 times its time to answer to stay out of the dog house. When I called her back she began telling me about something that she saw on Facebook. The video was focusing around Virginia, and what they were teaching their students. I didnt get to see the video so I am not fully aware of what happened in the video, but it was focusing on accepting all transgender people, my wife felt through this video that these were the signs of the last days.
I already know the trouble I could be getting my life into with posting this. I will have people from different walks of life, calling her crazy for even thinking that. Where also I will have Christians simply typing Amen. I am not trying to start a religious war at all, I just want to stretch the idea a little more and see if maybe we are living our last year on this earth.
I had to Google the signs of the end times, since I haven’t studied the topic in almost 2 years. I used the site; I know what a great site, right. So when we first look at this site, we see that they have six tabs ranging from bible signs to prophecy. I went to Bible signs. At first glance , you would say that we are in the end times, but not so fast, lets , break it down.
Increase of knowledge– I would say that we are in the technology era, which means that we are smart, but are we really smarter than those who came before us? Or are we just good at the things that are right before us. I don’t believe we are rising in Knowledge, mainly because where we are strong at, are places that last generations were weak, and what we are weak in, vise versa.
Mark of the beast– So I have seen a lot of videos that are talking about the government enforcing a micro-chip in the next three years. This micro-chip will be your pass to buy products, get on trains, and other life habits. Though the videos say its happening, I don’t feel the videos are fully accurate. It is so easy to tear apart the videos and simply say it was a christian trying to fear people into religion. Until the day it happens. I refuse to believe that’s in affect.
Violence and Sexual immortality- This is the only “Sign” that I laugh at. To say that an increase in violence and sexual immortality is a sign is dumb, since I would say that we haven’t had a difference in either topic. Soldiers in the bible would be-head people for small things such as saying the king was wrong. And if you remember that town in the old testament that had the homosexuals, you will be forced to agree that the bible even had gay people. So this has been going on forever, we just weren’t as advanced as we are now, to broadcast events such as these.
We could go through all of the signs but I don’t have that kind of space. There are over 20 “Signs” and to go through each sign would be absolutely nuts and would take hours to write down. So I will leave you with these three and tell you to have a great day. Also if you believe or not is your decision. Never let someone force you to believe or not to believe. Do what makes you feel good!
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