Insanity is insane

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Est Reading time: 4:12
Recently I discovered that I am unhealthy. I am a chubby married man that refuses to do anything productive, hiding behind the fact that I work a lot. I mean if I  workout wont I lose all of my free time. Would I even be able to post a blog everyday? The answer is working out only takes one hour out of my cramped schedule. Meaning that I would have to play less video games and get up……So my wife signed us up to this thing called Insanity… We started today..
At the begining of the program there is this thing called “The fit test.” I laughed when I first saw this because I thought I was fit. Lying on the floor with a poodle of sweat is when I realized I was lying to myself. I failed to finish the whole fit test, which is only 27 minutes long. Am I angry at myself for failing? No. It had to come to this for me to realize that I need this program to get better.
I use to be a big gym guy, but when I exited high school, that all went down hill. I lost my will to do anything productive when it came to my body. I stopped going to the basketball courts, which was something that I spent hours doing. I stopped eating healthy, my diet became Cheetos and Pepsi. I lost my abs, and I have become a very negative person. This is because when you fill your body with poison, you get poison back. I realized I want to change for the better. But there is always a problem.
I am a very independent person, so when someone tells me how to get healthy, I get irritated. I hate living by a book of rules. Things that I cant do, I see it as them mocking me, well I saw it as that. Now that I have started towards the healthier path of my life, I decided that the book of rules isn’t what I think. There were never rules, because when you break rules you get in trouble. If I eat a candy bar (with being told not to) I wont get punished. That was an excuse that I made so I didn’t have to work hard. Now I am ready to work hard to get back in shape, to become a positive person, and to get this blog off the ground.
Yes I failed today, but that is going to happen in everything that you do, but you cant let that get to you. You need to take the bulls by the horn and work harder to get to where you want to be. If you are starting something new here is my advice: Don’t flipping give up. Don’t take a day off at first, if you do, you will quit. Work harder when you fail. Things will come to together. You can only get up with your own hands.

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