Get ready for camp!

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

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So with summer coming around the corner, parents are about to ship their kids off to some type of camp. I know that both of my cousins are going out of town for a Christian camp, and I am sure that they will have a lot of fun. But lets talk about the youth camps that aren’t based around Christ. The camps that you get to sit around camp fires and tell scary stories, now imagine you are telling the story. This would be mine:
On this night five years ago, a man went missing. He was told to stay with the group but he decided against the directors wishes. The cops told his parents that he must have drowned down in the lake, but no one found a body. That is counting the fact that they went scuba diving to try to find him. They almost got shut down, but they gave them a temporary pass.
They took a year off to let all of the talk drop in town, then opened back up to the public. This time when they opened, more than 300 children from ages 8-10 joined. They were so intrigued with the story that they wanted to experience it for themselves. That year three kids sat out in the woods to find out what happened on that night.
Two boys and one girl were by themselves wondering the dark woods with a dim flashlight, that was about to die. But they continued to walk deeper into the woods. It took them a couple hours, but they finally arrived to a house in the middle of the woods.
While trying to get into the home they found, one of the boys fell through the porch. He instantly started to scream, trying to free himself from the rubble. The other two children tried to pull him out, but they had no luck. He was stuck, but that wasn’t the real problem. They heard someone coming. Even if it was just the director, they knew they were in big trouble, they started to pull harder. Finally the little boys foot was freed.
They started to run around the house, but as they ran around the house, their body’s hit something tall and solid. They all looked up at the object, being a man. This man had half of his face removed from his skull, he was missing an eye, and had blood dripping from a long sledge hammer. The kids started to scream, but soon each scream was eliminated, expect for one, the little girl.
According to the camp directors, those screams were close to the camp, but no body was ever found. One of the directors said that he found the girl under a rock. She told them that the guy said he would be back every year. Since that night, no one has seen the man. But we know he watches us as we sleep. Waiting for a kid to wonder off by their selves. 


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