Feast your eyes

Posted: June 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

Est reading time: 3:05
Do you remember the phrase “I wouldn’t touch that with a ten-foot pole?” What was your answer to that question as you grew up? I remember we use to say it about the “Uglier” chicks in school, especially when they tried to get at us. Now a days I say it about these horrible celebrities, and their decisions to try to change.
I told myself I wouldn’t post about what has been going on in Hollywood, that it would bring negative vibes to this fresh blog. Causing my blog to suffer because people are tired of hearing about that Jenner dude-chick. If your a blogger that is starting out, never post about stuff that is trending in the negative way. Why bring negative people to your blog? It will help your views, but it wont help you in the future. Bloggers have to be on their game, since their are so many people trying to become famous. This means that you have to post things that others aren’t.
In this world you have to always be two steps ahead of your competition, that’s why I blog everyday. Most bloggers only post three blogs per week. One being an update on their life, where I post eight post per week, all eight being original ideas. This is the best way to grow your blog.
But back to Jenner, She looks really good. She defiantly beat out Chris for the better looking contest, but at the same time this scares me. This means that we have doctors out there that can make a man look that good as a woman, or vise versa. Meaning that soon we will need to see videos of our future spouse, to make sure they were born their say gender.
So to answer that question from earlier “What would I touch with a ten-foot pole?” It all lies on what the doctors can do these days, this being said, soon I wont be able to touch anyone after the year 2016. This world will become like a box of chocolates (see what I did there?) You’ll never know what your going to get. I am safe though since i’m married. I just feel bad for the coming generations, that have to worry they are really with the right gender.


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