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I remember doing a post like this back in the day when this page started up. I had to write a note to a parent describing to them why there child was released from the basketball team. It turned out that they were sending their daughter to the wrong practice and the coach wanted them to stop. I am going to take today as a cool down day and post something fun. This is titled “Stop sending me your children.”
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jackson,
I have recently started my football tryouts and it seems that we have a problem. I understand that you guys want your children to be active in school sports for scholarships. But I don’t think this is the sport for them to be participating in. It is very dangerous for them to come to the field let alone for them to be on the field with 60 other men that are wanting to rip everyone’s head off.
They are great kids but they are starting to show up all of the other guys, and I can’t have that here with the amount of testosterone that is produced in the locker room, some of my boys are getting very upset. Don’t get me wrong, they cant handle themselves as I am sure you have taught them, but could you do us all a big favor? Please keep your six year old and your ten year old off of my field during my tryouts, I wouldn’t want them to hurt my guys anymore than they have already. The gear doesn’t even fit them, so please do your part and make them safety smart.
Coach Dick.
P.s. The six year old broke my running backs arm. You guys owe me a running back!  


Can you wait for this to return as much as I am? What if I told you its in black and white? Ha its all in Black and White! But seriously this is making its return in a few short weeks!  I will be finishing season two then coming back with the final season shortly after. Things will be sicker, darker, more twisted, and even terrifying than it has before. So get ready for an up in your face thriller to send chills down your spine. Will Aeron survive in this world of the dead? If you haven’t read this story, here is the beginning!

Night Crawlers Journals

Episode 1: Goodbye September 18th, 2018

It was a cold day in September, there was at least three feet of snow that covered the ground. The wind was blowing hard enough to tear down the road signs outside Aeron’s’ room. Due to the cold, Mayor Thompson of Dummond suggested all bodies needed to stay in their homes until further notice.

KNOCK, KNOCK! Aeron heard two thuds on his door. He quickly got up from his bed and opened the door to see the second-in-command, Rich. Rich stood tall in the hallway with no facial expression; he looked at me as if he wanted me to speak first.

“Do you need something?” Aeron asked.

“That is sir to you; Mayor Thompson needs to see you, its urgent.”

“But he told all of us to stay inside our homes, Sir!” he replied “Well your home is up for grabs, Come with me.”

The walk to the city hall was awkward; no one spoke a single word. Aeron wanted to know what the mayor could possibly need, and why it couldn’t have waited until this storm passed. Why would he go against his own words to see Aeron? Was he in trouble?

“Enter!” The guard muscled Aeron through the door. In the room stood: Mayor Thompson, Second-in-command Rich and the President of Residence, Harry. The all looked angry as Aeron walked in.

“Sit!” The Mayor pointed to the seat in front of the desk as he made his way to his own seat. Aeron quickly grabbed his seat and clinched his hands together, looking up at the mayor.

“As you know, one of our residents got infected last night. She died, and took one of our own today!” Aeron kept quite not knowing quiet what to say.

“We think it was your fault, you were the only one that exited the city”

“You can’t blame me for that!” Aeron slammed his hand on the desk. The mayor looked up smiling.

“Well I guess you’ll have to tell that shit to another group.” His voice got deeper, with more anger as he put his finger in Aerons face. “As of now; you’re out of our city. If you resist we will shoot.” His words range clear, he wasn’t playing around.

Aeron fought for a few minutes calling the mayor every word in the book, but the words didn’t get him anywhere; the decision had already been finalized.

Aeron was escorted back to his room to collect the rest of his few belongings. The city gave him one can of mixed fruit, and a blanket before they shut the gate behind him. Aeron set out in the cold by himself; turning around he said goodbye to his home as a tear fell from his cheek.

When I started this blog I figured it would crash after a few weeks, but I was wrong. There has always been an audience (sometimes small) that has been attracted to my post. I started to notice this when I started my old story “Night Crawler Journals,” so I decided for this to stay around until I saw that no one wanted to read my material anymore, that day never came, if anything I have received more traffic in the last two weeks than I ever did on my old blogs. But this post isn’t about my lack of faith in myself, it is about how I came up with the name.
I have noticed that most bloggers have their own name on their blog, but I am not one to go with the current, I liked to paddle up stream, even if it means I fail. With this being said, I was in a rut a week before I wanted to launch this blog on BlogSpot. I was so lost on what I wanted to call this random blog that was going to be full of ideas and material to get any writer out of writers block. With nothing coming to mind, I started to write names that came down in my head revolving around random subjects. The first few names were funny: Funny man, captain smiles, Random thunder. But none of these sounded right for the blog, so I thought harder on what was the closest thing to random without using the word “Random.” Finally it clicked to me, Impromtu is the act of doing something without being planned or rehearsed. That sounded right for someone that was going to be generating ideas on the fly to discuss, so I got the first part down, next was to finish the name.
I tried for a few minutes thinking about what could possibly go with impromptu, but literally nothing came to mind, so I started walking around my room talking to myself, calling myself all different types of things like: impromptu slayer, the impromptuer. These names weren’t ringing, so I got mad and shouted “Why don’t I just called myself Impromptuguy” Then it came to me like a wrecking ball with Miley Cyrus on it, I would then call myself Impromptudude, well that was until I tried to search for myself on Google. I made a Facebook before the blog to test how simple the name was to find. It was the third page when I finally found it, that wouldn’t work but I loved the name, again I was stuck. Then in the midst of changing the name to Impromptu slayer.
   I decided that instead of changing my name fully, why not misspell impromptu so it still carries the meaning but isn’t the same thing. That’s when I dropped the extra “P” and “Tu” making the name ring out loudly as “Impromtdude.” I absolutley loved the name but I wondered if it was going to be easily searched, so I did the search and there I was, the first story on Google. In that moment I became the blogger with a name, a pretty kick-ass name, that was going to shape this blog all together!

So gay marriage got legalized today in all 50 states of America today by the Supreme court. Gays can now marry as they want. The lgbt community is excited by the 5-4 vote that took place, But now we have certain people wanting to take it away from them, this is what I have to say to you:
Stop griping about gays getting rights, they (as anyone else) deserve to love who the want. It isn’t like they are asking for all the churches to be burnt down, or for the congress to give them all brand new homes. They are asking for the right to get married, the same right that straight people have.
They are not creatures that we just found on the side of the road and took into our society, no these are the same people that we work with, go to school with, live next door to, and talk to while waiting on our food at Mcdonalds. They don’t have different organs in their bodies, nor do they act any different from us “Normal” people. If you believe they are different, then you are just an asshole.
We all have one friend that is gay. My best friend came out in the middle of class during freshman year of high school. No one knew that he was gay, nor did anyone care. We accepted the awesome man that he was, and we chose to be his friend, not because he was straight, but because he was a cool guy.
The honest truth is that Gay people deserve to have the right to marry who the want as anyone else. This should have been giving to them a long time ago. But even with them getting the right, you will always have those people thinking they know what is right and wrong.
There will always will be those people that disagree, in this situation sadly it is the Christian community. The same people that are suppose to love their neighbors better than they love themselves, are the ones throwing stones at these people asking for equality.
They are posting on Facebook that this is an act of Satan, but honestly what is different from them getting rights, next to the priest touching children, or a pastor cheating on his wife, meaning that if it is a sin, who cares. No one is perfect, no matter how much you polish them. 
For those who say that this wasn’t how the country was built, you guys are blind. I want to say that this falls into the freedom of choice, the same area as Freedom of Religion. Meaning that they should have the same amount of freedom choosing who they marry as the Christian community choosing their God. We also fail to realize our founding fathers also found this country on “The pursuit of happiness.” If I had to rephrase that I would say that it means, Do whatever you can to find your way in this world, to the extent of being content with who you are.
With that being said who are we to tell someone they cant do something if it makes them happy. This country is found on equality, which is what they want. How can we keep that from them?

If I ever went blind, my life would fall apart in moments. I would start to freak out and probably would run out in front of a car, that is the sad truth, same as if I lost an arm or even a finger. I like my body the way that it is, but what about those who dont have the luxury that I do? How do they cope with not being whole, do they freak out like I would? Do they wake up in the middle of the night crying their eyes out, wishing that they had what other have? Do you ever sit in a chair and wonder these questions?
I feel bad for those people that are in need of help, but can’t get it. Wether the reason being that they cant afford the treatment, or maybe they are to far into their illiness to get help. I wish that I could help them recover from the horrible circumstance that they have falling into, it hurts my heart when I see someone hurting, knowing they can’t get the operation.
I know recent I have been feeling a little different in my body. My eye sight isn’t what it use to be, I feel I need glasses , but at the same time I have read some articles. These articles where from some eye doctor in California, and they were talking about torn retina’s. I read the symptoms and though I only had one symptom, my brain started to play senarios in my head. “What if you have that?” “You don’t have the money for the operation” “Your going blind.” I had to shut those voices up, they were really tearing me down, so I read into more eye conditions, even talked to a few people, and finally came to the conclusion that I am fine, that I wont be going blind, but the fear was real enough for me. This is what inspired me to write my novel “Drifting Away.”
“Drifting Away” is a novel that revolves around a young couple that would have never imagined that they would have been together. They were young, full of life, not quite ready to slow down. They both had their own futures to pursue, where one was going to New York, the other was going to California. Each one wanted to be an artist, one a writer the other a musician. But when they began to get hot in the summer, they decided to find nutrual ground, give up their scholarships and follow each other. Though their families dissapproved fully, they didn’t care, they wanted each other.
All was fine when they went to Florida to vacation before they started college in the fall. They were having fun, laughing, sharing memories, and getting to know each other better. This was until the night they went night swimming. There was something in the water the night that they didn’t see, the young male hurt his back and was admitted into the hospital. The doctors treated him for the right thing, but things got worse. He began to lose mobility in all of his limbs, and soon began to lose his eyesight, ruining his chances to become a writer if it continued. But she sat there next to him everyday, that was until her family got there and pushed her away. They were convincing her to leave the young lover, saying that she deserved better than what he was going to become. Now she had to decide between two things: Her future or the love of her life. She needed to decide fast, because each moment she waited, he was drifting away.
I am planning on finishing the novel in the next year, and trying to get it published, in which I will donate nearly all proceeds to a charity to help people get operations that they desperatly need. So would you buy?

Is there something that you do that drives people insane? Like when they say something, you cant help but to mock them? Or maybe you are one of the people that love to correct someone when they are wrong. If you aren’t that far yet, then maybe you are still a loud chewer. Which I find more annoying than nails on a chalkboard. So if you have those traits, then you will know how I get into the most trouble with  everyone around me, such as: My boss, My wife, My in-laws, and my friends. Here are 5 of those traits that I like to annoy people with!
1. My sarcasm (smartass syndrome)– I have always been the class clown, or the one that has to be the center of attention. With that came people getting very angry at me. It happens when someone says something that I find stupid, or easy to make a joke from. I do it a lot at work. It’s like trolling, just worse. Example: My teacher busted through the computer lab because we were being very loud. She started to scream and said “I can’t believe you are eighth graders” Well since she opened that door, I replied “I can’t believe its not butter!” Everyone laughed, well everyone except for her!

2. My I-don’t-care attitude- To stay the stronger party in sticky situations, I will put up a wall that I call my “Don’t-give-a-shit” zone. This is when I am tired of being blamed for something or I know I am in trouble. I will literally say I don’t care about everything. When in the workplace this gets me into a lot of trouble with my boss, since he doesn’t think I am taking my job seriously. When in reality if he would let me do my job, nothing would be wrong.

3. The Blackout– Though I have entered this zone only once or twice in my life, I know if I enter it again things will be very bad. This zone is where I can’t control what I do, no matter the cost at the end. I can’t remember the last time I blacked-out, but I remember times I started to. My thoughts during this stage are freaky, like murderer freaky!

4. My passions– When prepping for this post, I would have never thought this would come to my mind. I will do anything to get what I want, I think if I had a choice to cut off everyone for my chance, I would, well except for my wife. I would have no problem using every tool giving to me to crush the competition. I am an Aries and that weighs heavily on my mind when pursuing dreams. If you don’t understand that, then this will help, I am an arrogant asshole when it comes to getting my way. I am a ram running through a crowd, no one is safe.

5. My kindness– This one is a bad one. I usually don’t let emotions get to me (from years of blocking out) but there will be times where I will break my back for someone, knowing  that it will only blow up in my face. I have been hurt really bad in the past with this, but to this day, I still haven’t fully gotten better from doing this!

Never get this wrong, I will always be there for you guys. I love you guys and I understand that without you there would be no future, so don’t think for a minute that I will do anything to hurt you guys, or shut you out. Even if I did get famous, you guys would be my first impromts. Meaning that I will do nothing to hurt my fans, or to show you guys anything other than the awesome Blakester. Never forget that! I love you guys!

100th post

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When I started this blog, I had no intention for it to last as long as it has. The blog was suppose to be a temporary project for me to get out of my writers block. It was initially going to be taken down after I got back on the roll of writing more. But with each post that went up, I started to fall in love with the idea of being as random as possible. Today we have reached the
milestone of posting one-hundred post to one blog.
If you know anything about me, you will know that this is a very big accomplishment for me. It means that for once in my life, I didn’t give up on something. This is the first time that I have been so excited to do something, that if I don’t do it then I feel like crap. It is also the first time that I have been excited to do something. And to think that this is only the start of the beginning, and that you will be able to read a lot more fun post in the future, this is my second job now, and I will make sure that we succeed in everything that we do!
In this post, I want to say thanks to all of my viewers, even if you are just signing on for the first time, Thank you! Without you guys pushing me to my full extent. I would have never been able to stick to this project if you guys weren’t taking time out of your schedule to read each-and-every post. Your views determine how many post I throw up on a daily basis. So thank you guys for everything that you do, and for staying true friends.
In the next couple months, I plan on making it to two hundred post, hopefully with you guys, we will also make it to one thousand views. This, as every other milestone, will only be possible with you guys behind me. So if you have a second, I would love for you guys to take a few moments and like my Facebook Page, but also to share, like, comment, and most importantly subscribe to the blog. I love you guys, stay well and don’t go to hell!

Stop asking for more money in minimum wage, it will only crush the system, making it even harder for those who cant find a job, to feed their family’s, Why? Because when they raise the ceiling on Minimum wage, they will also raise anything they possibly can. Remember gas being $1.15/gallon? Well gas prices will sky rocket to the point that we will need a horse and buggy, but we won’t even have horses around because we wont have the money to feed them carrots. (A cheeseburger from Mcdonalds is $1.09) Now do you like to grab a cheap cheeseburger at Mcdonalds after work? Yeah that will cost you 5 dollars, and that’s if beef doesn’t raise also. All of this is because they have to pay little miss Miranda $10/hour to wipe down tables for 7 hours a day, and will have to pay their new manager $13/hour. Still think it is a good idea to raise minimum wage?
I work at McDonalds as an assistant manager, making $9.65/hour being the lowest paid manager at my store, doing the most. So you are telling me that someone that came to their interview in their pajamas should start out at $10/hour? That’s jank! Hell jank isn’t the word for how stupid that is; maybe Fucking Stupid works better. No one off the road deserves more than $9/hour, especially when most don’t know how to mop a floor properly.
The reason that I am so mad about this new change, that will take place in most places by the end of August, is because I worked so hard to get where I am today. I worked with deep cuts that needed attention, a series of flu’s, I have worked every holiday for the last two years, even worked with a 2nd degree burn. I have been punched, cussed out, had things thrown at me, called a criminal, stupid, ugly. This happens most of the time, sometimes multiple times a week. So why is it that the people that would have beat someone to death for yelling at them, gets more money.
I believe in this thing I call “Working wage” meaning that if you flip a burger, you should only get $8/hour and if you are putting yourself in danger, such as a private in the army, (don’t know the class ranks) They should be receiving the highest pay possible. They are the reasons that you are even reading this post. So to say that someone is to make more (flipping burgers) than someone killing their selves keeping this country free would be complete delirious. 
I don’t usually post controversial material, because I know what comes with the territory, but when I am being effected for something I don’t agree with, yes I will stand up to the plate and take a swing.
With all of this being said; here is my open minded opinion: You have to earn every cent that you make, and you know what you signed up for when you got the job. The best way I have found to get ahead is to work hard, or go to college. The people that are begging for 15/hour are also those who don’t have any education, or those who want another hand-out. I am fully against the the raise of minimum wage, are you?

Today I told myself that I would need to control myself to get through the day. I had to convince myself that I needed my job to save it from ending up in the garbage.
Today wasn’t my best day, from waking up until now, even at work, Where usually I am a very happy person. My day started with finding out that my phone is officially dead, leaving me without a phone to call people from. With that stressing me out, I had to go to work to spend hours listening to everything I do wrong, yes it has become that bad, I was not ready to arrive at work. But finally I convinced myself to go, and got up from my warm bed.
I got to work at 5:59, one minute until I was late, which has become a bad habit that I need to break. Especially since I have to pick up after certain people. One of my biggest pet peeves, is when someone cant finish their first priorities but then can go and do optional things, suc as soaking nozzles. You should only go out of your way if you are fully done with your close, which no one is ever that far ahead. Well when I got to work, I had to put the nozzles back on while being very tired, lets just say that I got soda in my eyes. That crap burns worse than icy hot on your genitals.
I simply wrote a friendly reminder that the soda nozzles only need to soak for one minute, then you put them back on. When my General manager saw the note, he called me back to the back and yelled at me, telling me that I need to not write notes. He refused to believe that these were the procedures. I kept myself down as much as I could, but I felt anger and depression filling my stomach, and when that happens, I lose control.
He backed off for a little while, but then started again, this time it wasn’t towards me. This time it was him talking to a new crew trainer about his future as a manager. This wasn’t the part that pissed me off, no the point that pissed me off was when he promised my position to him, well he would be my co-assistant, meaning he would be doing the same thing as me, but possibly making more money. So I told him I was going to quit soon.
My gm just nodded as I told him that I am looking for a new job, showing that he really doesn’t care about my position. Then to put a little cherry to the top of this hell sundae, he told me that my close was the worse he has seen in a while. I shook my head in disbelief, because if you have ever came into my store when I am working, the store looks good. He has been nitpicking every move that I have been making.
Today was just a slight freak out, but I am letting you guys know that, I started today saying I would control myself. I don’t know how long I will be able to keep this in, but I must admit that I feel sorry for who ever is in my way when I do.

Today will be like the 4th flashback since I started this amazing journey of posting 642 days in a row. This challenge has taught me so much and soon it will be hitting new heights. But as of right now lets focus on the smaller details, being audience building. When I saw this blog will hit new heights that’s because, I will be adding 4 new segments when I see a longer crowd watching. The type of segments will be: Blake’s horrid drawing class, Vlogs, Random post Saturday, and reviews of stupid things. So help me get more of an audience.
But this is actually the post that started this channel. This is the reason I called this Impromtdude. I wanted this whole page to be random, and a page that you couldn’t expect anything! I think we have done just that! So enjoy my first post as Impromtdude, “Armed and Dangerous.”

I am sitting there, at the bank trying to get my check cashed. I will admit I’m not in the best of moods. My boss is a major jerk, he only thinks about the outcome of his employees action, though he is the one that is dragging this company into the ground. Does he care? possibly not. He only cares if he is getting paid, which he is! He is getting paid triple what we make for doing nothing, but griping and demoting his best employee.

Yes I am that guy!

He demoted me today, from Assistant manager to a machine operator! I use to actually call in truck to order metals, now I am the slave that puts the metal on the line!

He had no reason to demote me, well his reason was that was caught sneaking breaks and not coming back to work on time! I have never actually left for my lunch. Its nearly impossible since I have taking the bus for the last 15 years that I worked there.

“Next” Finally its my time to cash my low check and get back to my bachelor pack, where I will sit on my couch with a bag of chips and a few open cans of soda. At the end of the night I will look at myself in the mirror and cry, but I will a year older tomorrow so I guess that’s a plus?

“I need to cash this piece of trash” I snapped. The teller lifted her eye brows, “Sir, are you okay?” Deep inside I wanted to scream how I actually felt, but that would cause more problems and get my butt sent to the “house” since I was there last week, I will pass on going back! “Yes, sorry just a bad day, couldn’t get much worse!” Well I thought

“Get Down Now!!!” Three bullets left a hand gun and ended in the ceiling. “I will kill anyone who moves” I dropped to the ground which most did, especially the tellers, its like the knew that the robber was coming in.

“Screw you” A young man said as he ran towards the door. BAM!!! He flopped to the ground after being shot in the head. “Any one else want to try to be a hero?” No one replied.

The tall African American came over to me, “Get up, dirtbag!” I laughed like an idiot. He got mad, and hit me. He shouldn’t of done that!

A left hook to the eye brow caught him off guard. My strongest hit couldn’t knock him back though, I knew I was in trouble.

He quickly took a shot to my gut with his fist, leaving me without air to breathe. I fell to the ground holding my gut. He got on top of me and began to punch me harder and harder. My eyesight got darker and darker, I felt blood gushing out of my eyes, if someone didn’t help I would be dead in seconds; I guaranteed.

The robber took his hands and placed them on my neck. I could feel my life being sucked out of my frame. My soul had finally left my body. My eyesight went black, but I saw a light. It was beautiful, my grandma was standing there with open arms.

She told me to hold on and to live again, as she spoke those words I heard something. It sounded like a bomb had went off.

I lifted up my eyes, though I couldn’t see much, I knew I was back in the bank.

The robber had been shot in the head by a brave young woman.

Instead of helping me up though, she laughed saying “Daddy said your fired” Bam. The last thing I saw was a flash.