My anger is horrible!

Posted: May 31, 2015 in Uncategorized

Est Reading time: 1:29
I have quite an anger problem. The worse part is that I get very angry about the dumbest stuff. This post will be a list of things that make me very angry. Some of the things will be childish, but if you have any of the same leave it in the comments.
1. My boss
2. Ghetto talk
3. Interruptions
4. Mexicans
5. Over exaggerated situations
6. Bullies
7. Hitting my head on anything.
8. being corrected
9. Over religious Christians
10. Writers block
11. My wife’s dad.
12. People that don’t care
13. Arrogant pricks
14. People that drive slow
15. People that cut me off
16. People that don’t say excuse me in the store.
17. Everyone
18. Trying to listen to a song but someone keeps talking.
These are just a few of the things that piss me off to the point of spitting. Yes there are others that I cant get out of my mind, and when I find them out. I will add them to this list. But for now this list will do. Have a freaking good night! 

This will be used for a future post!

  1. MoMo says:

    7 ( i do that a lot )
    11 (ugh ik what you mean)
    14 ( omg these ppl jeez how much i hate them they drive so slow and and texting at same time i wish i can just throw there phone and kick them out of the road -_-)
    18 ( my annoying family ugh……they don’t know there is something called ( quiet or peaceful time)

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