My dog

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Est reading time: 3:50

I am going to spend a few paragraphs of my time to talk about someone that has impacted my life fully. He is my buddy and someone that I cant live without. Though he is always running around my house and biting my wrist, tearing up my stuff, and pooping on the floor. I couldn’t imagine life without him. Meet Nimbaka, my half beagle and half Shepherd.
Seven months ago I was on Facebook looking through a resale site, when my wife saw a post about puppies. We have always talked about getting a puppy but never got around to buying one, she really wanted this puppy though. She thought that I was joking when I told her that I was calling the lady, she nearly cried when she heard the woman on the phone.
Picking the puppy out was probably the roughest part, since I wanted the runt and she wanted Nims. I finally gave up the fight and gave her the dog that she wanted. Little did we know that the little fur ball would turn into our baby-boy. I remember the first night that we got him, we got no sleep due to his whining. I would be up every hour to put him back on our bed, then to put him back down on the ground. That lasted for almost a month. But in that time he grew into the cutest little beagle ever.
Then six months later someone tried to steal little Nims. I trained Nims to go outside without any leash but to not leave the yard. One night he saw another dog in the other yard and went to smell his poophole. Well the woman that owned the dog picked up Nims and took him inside within five minutes of being outside. I walked outside and called for Nims, but he didn’t come. I had no idea what happened to him, so I started to walk around the block. I went into the house with tears in my eyes and told my wife what happened. We instantly put out a missing dog page on Facebook.
Well around midnight, I walked outside to call for Nims one more time, as I yelled the neighbor opened her door. With no restrain the dog flew out of the house and into the yard. I called for him, but he was too busy playing with the other dog. I went over to him and picked him up, but as I did she got mad saying that I needed to stay out of her yard. After that night we refused to let her see Nims or come near him. And other than a  giant hole that he has big digging, our little Nims has become such a ball of energy and love. The love of a child surely feels our heart. Nim’s Changed our lives. 



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