I am a female at direction giving

Posted: May 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Est. Reading time: 2:18

So my friend asked me if he could come over, so I said yes. Since I recently moved, he didn’t know how to get to my house. Well I suck at giving Direction’s so I sent him some ridiculous directions, and lets just say that he got to my house, two hours later. He was very angry at me for the directions but he wrote them down and told me to post them. Saying “You could make money, working for Google maps.” I agree.

“Okay man first since you live on the north side you need to go the opposite way of your house.
When you get the the third stop sign from your front porch (including the one next to your home), take a left.
When you take that left, reverse and go back to the second stop sign. This was your original turn.
Now that you are on the right street, keeping going straight until you see a black pit bull. If he isn’t outside, go to the white house three blocks down.
If you found the pit bull, take a left. If you are on walnut I believe that is to far. So go back one street.
If you chose to go back then call. If not continue straight then take another left on Reverting Dr.
Now you will realize that the street that you are on is the same one that you liveEs on. That’s fine continue straight.
You will see a big three story house next to a trailer. I am in the house behind the house and the trailer. Its a green egg house. If you need anything just call. I am sure my directions are clear as day.”  


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