my lover

Posted: May 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

Ah here is the post that deals the most with my wife, I have been waiting for a post. I was told in the past that I was trying to sell my relationship with my wife. But honestly I just wanted to let people know how happy I was finally. This relationship started about 2 years ago on March 9-10th depending on your view of time, but mainly 10th. This post talks about the first summer of our relationship.
So since we started dating in March, we probably were in love…haha….way before the summer, but during the summer we hit a new wall in our relationship. I believe that it was closer to the summer that her mother had went into the hospital. With every other guy that she had been with, she figured that I was going to be just like them. She thought that I wouldn’t care since me and her mother weren’t close.
She was very wrong. I remember those two weeks very clearly. I would drop Ariel off at work then I would go to the hospital and sit with her mother until she got off of work, then I would go pick her up and go back to the hospital, never once griping about it. The honest truth about it though is that I was having fun actually getting to know her mother. I never knew that someone that was older than me could have the same struggles that I had. It was comforting to talk to a mother figure and to connect like we did in that week.
With everything that happened that week, two major things happened. I let someone in my life that would turn into a great mentor through my life, and my wife realized that I was the one that she wanted to be with for the rest of her life. Its amazing to think of how doing one thing out of your comfort zone can make such an impact on your life. That summer I got engaged to my beautiful wife. That summer we moved into our own place, in that summer I fell deeper in love than I have ever been.


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