Losing you hurt…bad

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

We all will have those people that will leave our lives and we will hurt because we wanted them to stay. That’s the world that we live in, that is life. But when someone leaves you they also leave something behind. When they leave there becomes a “Silence” that some of you might have already felt, its the mass of your heart that’s gone now that the person is gone.
This mass is irreplaceable and cannot be replaced by anything. This mass is like a first love, you might be able to get over it, but you will always have that one little part of the memory that stings.
When I was 17, I met this kid named Chris Clark. The first night that we hung out, he was really quiet and scary. But soon I realized that he was really cool and someone that I could hang with more and more. He just needed his time to come out of his shell.
We would always hang out on the weekends doing stupid things. This included: Blowing up things, punching my car, playing football, playing video games, writing and singing songs, and making videos. He was the bother that I always wanted. He always knew what to say when I was hurting from home stuff. He knew when to shut up though, even if i had to yell at him XD.
He was like that twin brother as I was the same to him, I could sense when he was in trouble or when he was having a hard time with life. We were always there for each other, which is why not having him here right now hurts.
I was told that I shouldn’t be around him anymore because he was a very bad influence and that he was holding me back in life. I told those people to mainly suck a Duck, because they didn’t know what they were talking about. The main reason why they didn’t want us to hang out is because I was truly finding what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.
A year ago, He got married though. That is when everything started to get hard. When I was in college he would call me, and we would always talk about how we were going to buy a giant house to have our wives in. But when he got married our friendship took a weird turn, where we didn’t really talk at all. Now to this day I never hear from him, I have tried but he never answers.
I get the fact that we both have our own lives, and that we need to live them, but my memory goes back to this quote from him. He use to tell his wive this “Everyone needs their wive, and their best friend. Without one, neither work.” When he left the silence began to creep. I just miss my best friend. 


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