Back to reality

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

We all have seen the 1985 movie “Back to the Future” Starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. If you haven’t, there is a kid named Marty that goes back to the past 30 years and almost alters the future to the point that he wasn’t born. It ends with Marty trying to get back to the present by going exactly 88 miles per hour. It was an exciting film that still to this day holds a solid 8.5 on IMBD.
This post is kind of like that movie, I am going to go back in the past and see how my Mom and Dad met, and play our there first few weeks of there relationship, well until she gets prego. (Not touching those details) Lets DO THIS.

Okay so lets be honest, I don’t know how my mom and dad met, so this might be a little hard to describe. In order to get this post done, I will lie to get it done. This post is going to be how I felt they met and what I feel they did to get to where they wanted to have little Blakester.

It was in the early 1300’s that they met in a bar. They were both very stubborn people and greedy. The craving of money was the corruption of their hearts, and they would hurt anyone to get the cash that they needed. But the moment that they laid eyes on each other, they fell hard. Though my dad was being a jerk and turned her down, my persistent mother would continue to try and one day it worked.

She walked up to him and told him that he looked very handsome in his red tux that he just bought from a traveler that was just passing through his small town. My father was still in his pride mode and told her to go away. I started to feel something weird, I was disapering, so I guess that it took her less time to get his attention originally.

The next day, my mother walked into the tavern again to try again, but this time she was saddened to see that he was talking to another girl. She got so mad that she grabbed a nearby beer and threw it on him. He jumped up from his chair and grabbed her. “What was that for?” She explained that she was mad because she wanted to be with him, and how she saw him with that tramp.

My dads laugh was defiantly out of place and a tad harsh at first, but then he explained who the girl was, it was his brothers girl. As he said that his brother, Rick, returned to the table. My dad liked the spice that my mother gave off and decided to take her out on the town. I didn’t follow` them from there, but something special happened that night. I know that something happened, because as I was lying on the bed in my suite, my body was returning again to its fullness. I think they did the nasty, but ah it was beautiful.


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