I shat my pants.

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Back in the day, I use to play a lot of basketball. I would spend at least 12 hours a day outside shooting. I would play in the snow, rain, wind. You name it I played in it. I would spend five hours doing layups and free throws, then I would shoot threes, then to finish it all I would do a fake scrimmage by myself. Though it sounds stupid, it helped me better myself, because I got use to the pressure of always needing to hit big shots. I took that on the court when I played in Junior High.
This story kind of deals with that, though it ends with me running home embarrassed.
It was eight grade night, and it was our second to last game at home. Since I wasn’t playing in High School I needed to ready myself for this game, so i sat at the school all day waiting for the game to start. I was in the computer lab when the unbelievable event happened. I was listening to Slipknot (Because I was cool) with my friend, Henry.

All of a sudden I felt a vibration, followed by hearing him laughing. Soon the room smelt like day-old spaghetti, I laughed at his attempt to make it loud and told him I could do better. Being boys we usually got into competitions like this, I was a pro at farting, I could make the loudest ones so I gave it a shot. I loaded a fart into my arsenal and planned for lift off by pressing one side of my body up in the air and let it rip. Well when it came out I guess I pressed to hard, because it brought its friend, POOP. I felt something empty into my pants, and started to freak out instantly, pooping your pants was the least cool thing to do, ever, and if anyone found out I would be dead.

So I told him that I needed to poop, and ran out of the room. Well when I got to the bathroom the damage was done. The fesses already got on my shoe and I knew that it wasn’t hidable, meaning that 20 minutes from game time, I had to go home to get changed.

Now luckily I only lived 5 minutes from the school, so it wasn’t impossible (with my speed) for me to get back in time, but I didn’t have an extra pair of shoes. Lets just sum this up by saying this, running with poop on your shoes (the fabric, I tried to wipe it off and everything) is not funny. But I wasn’t caught so that’s awesome. Which means that you are the only one that knows. If you tell anyone I will kill you 😀


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