Goals for the next year.

Posted: May 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Would it be awesome if we could look into the future, and see what changes or who changes. This would eliminate a lot of my problems, it would allow me to cut out the people that would hurt me later in life. Though that would be very cool I guess the movie Click was a great example of what could go wrong. So lets just see where we will be in a year.
To save myself, from facing any serious consequences, I will only go into the future one year to see where I am in life. Lets get in this time machine again.

One Year later:
I haven’t set any serious goals, I have been living life and going with the flow. So when I look into the future its hard to say where I will be, or what I’m doing different. Honestly in the next year I will probably still be struggling to get views on my blog. I will be working at McDonald’s still but I might be transfered (More money.) I will still be married to Ariel, of course, she wont let me go that easy. I will probably be signing a contract for a mortgage so we can buy our home.

Today I will make a few goals for this blog for one, but also for my life, because I don’t want to get to this day next year doing the same type of post and realize; I have done nothing in the last year. Its time to get motivated!

Goals for the blog:
~Reach 500 views by the end of the year.
~Reach 1000 views by next year (5/15/16)
~  Send some of my work to a local publisher.
~Get better at my English 🙂
~ Finish the “What to write” challenge.
~Finish the Night Crawler Journals
~Finish my novel Drifting Away.
~Post the first and Last chapter of Drifting Away.
~Get sponsored

Life Goals:
* Become a better person
* Stop shutting people out of my life.
*Get my anger under full control
* Forget the Pain.
* Play more basketball (get in shape)
* Hang with more people, more often
* Look into college classes for Writing
* Get glasses XD
* Love my wife to my full ability
* Get this new Album done
* Love myself
*FORGIVE FORGIVE FORGIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I might need to update these goals down the road, but not to delete any. No if I edit these goals, it will be to add some. I need to get my life together, I’m tired of being just average. Its time to make a change.


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