Bad Pick-up lines (originals)

Posted: May 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

1. Soon your bra will be like the cap to this bottle. On the ground.
2. Did you fall from heaven, or were born looking like Rosy O’Donnels
3. I want to ask a pretty girl to dance. Will you dance with me so I can get her attention?
4. Are you from Tennessee? Because your the only one that looks like my cousin here
5. Are you here with your boyfriend? if so would you like to go home with a real man?
6. Would you like to play a round of Tongue-a-war?
7. Is that a bottle in your pants? Or are you glad I am here?
8. You are like a night of star gazing, better in the dark.
9. Would you like to go home with me tonight. I promise you wont remember a thing.
10. I thought you were beautiful from across the room, must of been the tequila.


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