The first time I……

Posted: May 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

Do you remember your first time? You know: The first time you fell in love, the first time you got into a fender bender, the first time you broke a bone, or the first time you cried over someone that didn’t love you. Do you remember the pride that you had when you scored that game winning goal, or do you remember the pain that you were in the first time you had your heart broken. These are simply the emotions that should be expressed in our first times.

I remember the first time that I posted a blog. It was about my first love, Emilee. I was in a weird stage in my life, I almost failed all my classes that semester because of her. It wasn’t even the fact that she told me she couldn’t be with me. It was the fact that the first person to understand me completely was shutting me out of her life. The blog that I posted was titled “The problem with getting over it.” This was the start of a crazy journey for me. I use to post every Tuesday about how i was doing during the heartbreak. This is how I got over her, was by doing a new first.

I don’t know if that makes sense or if its allowed to make sense, but all I know is that it took a new first time to cancel out the old first time. Something happened when I started to blog. It was like my heart and mind finally was ceasing the pain. I was seeing myself getting over her slowly. It became an addiction that I wouldn’t be able to control.

We all have first for a reason, either it is to reveal a new dream that you didn’t know you had, or it is to open a new door to continue your lives journey. I have had a lot of first and with each one I get a little bit smarter and stronger than I was previously. My advice to you is that there will be pain in each first, because the first will end, but don’t let it effect your next first time, never be scared to experience something new. You will have a lot of first, and if you are continually thinking about one first then you will never enjoy the next one that comes your way. Though it is hard to forget, FORGET THE PAIN. If I decided to give up because I got hurt in one of my first I wouldnt be here right now, I would have froze under the agony of failing at one first.

First times are beautiful and they will help you become better than you recently were. So get out there are enjoy those first!


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