Something Stewpid to end your night

Posted: May 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

25 Things people never have said to me:
1. You are a sexy model- Mainly because guys are handsome not sexy
2. You have no future- You all know my future is as bright as Jesus’ halo
3. You need to stop blogging- You know this is the highlight of your night!
4. Your ugly- Look in the mirror
5. You will never become famous- You’re just mad because your ugly.
6. Leave and never come back- You would miss my sexy ass
7. You’re gay- I get more donkey than a toilet seat…Nah I might be ;p
8. You will never get married- Well then my life is now a lie.
9. You can die in a hole- No I will be buried in a hole….Stewpid
10. This blog post is stewpid- Oh just shut the …….enjoy!
11. You have a six pack- You are so wrong…I have 12 bud lights
12. You suck at singing- You probably were overhearing your mom.
13. This is hard- No explanation
14. You can be anything when you grow up- Because I have no education——Thanks Obama
15. Obama is a better president than you- Girl watch me run the country….Id fail
16.You’re a turtle- Well i might be slow but at least I can hit harder…You wemp ;D
17. You are Christian Grey- I am bad at whipping that cream.
18. You’re a great father- Hold on do you mean like a priest?
19. I am secretly a pope- That’s a freaking secret!
20. You’re batman- Hell you might want to pick a boy superhero
21. Become a pastor- Even Satan isn’t dumb enough to hand me a mic
22. You’re almost done with this post- You’re probably right..
23. Marrying you would be a mistake- Ariel even agrees
24. Your cat is cute- My cat is dead.
25. You’ll regret doing this- My good sir, I have never and will never regret my choices.


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