Cry me a river….and more

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

In this post you will see what a kid has to do to keep his parents from being angry at him, and where he learned to do this thing.

Meet Freddy, He is fifteen, he is in a special home for the times that he misbehave. He use to be a good boy, but he went crazy. I’m joking, guys Freddy is not a lunatic, he just cries a lot.

Freddy has always been a crier and the reason is simple. Freddy had very push over parents that also hated to let there only child down. Freddy caught onto this very fast and realized that if he cried, they would buy him things. But his parents began to get angry at his constant wants, and the only way that they keep calm is when he cries.

It all started when they were at Toys’ R Me, He would run up and down the isle looking for a new toy to add to his never ending collection, and any time that his parents would say no, he would sit down and cry until they said yes. Being parents to the only child it was hard for them to say no. This became an addiction for the parents, to do whatever it took to make their child happy.

Freddy started to take advantage of this to the point of being pulled out of school so he could sleep. Now he is 43 years old, his parents are in their 70s, he lives with them. He still gets whatever he wants, but it goes deeper now.

His parents are very angry at their choices to spoil him, and anytime they get mad he must cry in order for them to let him stay at their house. He has become custom to crying for attention, but now its a curse. He cried to get his toys but now he cant stop crying, He regrets everything.


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