We all got a bad habit..I just enjoy mine/

Posted: May 7, 2015 in Uncategorized
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         Hey guys how are you guys doing? I know that today I have been so damn hot. Its been near death hear in this horrible state that my dad forced me to be raised in. I hate the heat, I have been sweating all day and I don’t feel like this is going to change at all through the summer. Meaning that I will be a very cranky Blakester. So i want to say sorry if i come off as a jerk. Just remember that the nice,sweet,caring Blakester will be back in the winter.
        Now that my warning has been placed out there for the whole world to read, I will start today’s post. I totally forgot what day we are on, but i guess it doesn’t matter. The number of days doesn’t matter. Once this book is done, I hope to have such a following that you guys will be giving me more ideas.
Anyways, Today’s post will be about bad habits and which one I enjoy the most. Which i said that Cussing was, but I don’t really get joy out of that like i do when i make fun of people.
         Now before you go judging let me explain. I don’t mean making jokes about autistic kids or pointing out stupid things about someone’s appearance. I am talking about trolling the hell out of people. Arguing with people until they want to grab me by the throat and Homer Simpson that shit.
        Now you might wonder why I enjoy that, and its simple, because in high school I was always trolling teachers. I like to make people laugh and in my early years I realized I had a talent at making people laugh. I just suck at telling jokes, so i decided that being a jerk was the way to get the laughs that i needed. Its a security thing for me. If someone isn’t laughing then i feel like they don’t want to be around me. Now I will admit that I am amazing at one-liners and if you have been around me long enough. You will see that my one-liners are amazingly funny. I just like to troll, its the peoples responses that are my fuel. Its my enjoyment in life, but a very bad habit.
        I am sorry if this post wasn’t my best. I have been under some stress and would like for your guys prayers and thoughts. I just want you guys to get use to these post every night. Soon I will batch post and this wont be such a problem, but for now please be gentle 😉


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