The master at ticket escapes

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

So today I was in a very stressed mood and I had a very bad day. So in the midst of driving home I got a phone call. Now I hate the fact of talking on the phone. But today with all the stupid stuff that was going on, I ignored my feelings and answered the phone. Well it was moments after I answered the phone that I saw a cop. He flipped his cherry and blueberries and followed me for 100 yards before I pulled over.
My first thought was “This is how my day should end” Knowing that this was a pretty big offense I decided to try and make the cop laugh. It worked we joked about the name on my insurance card (being my wives car.) Well the cop didn’t even run my name nor did he return to his car until the end.
This has been my eighth time and counting time that I got out of a ticket. Here are the 8 things I have escaped:
1. Expired license (plate)
2. No insurance (Well proof)
3. No seatbelt
4. Possible drinking and driving (someone called in on me)
5. Wreck less driving (swerved to miss a pot hole)
6. Failure to use a turn signal
7. Muffler (Disturbing the peace)
8. Talking on the phone.

Now I am very thankful that I have been blessed to not get a ticket and I am telling you guys to stay safe on the road. But all together I want to say that if you ever get pulled over, just make the cop laugh!


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