A Secret Between you on me.

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

There were two people chilling outside of a pizza parlor in late July. The wind was blowing quite hard but the weather doesnt matter in this story. Nor is this a story, this is a true event that never happened. I will start it from the beginning and you can try to guess what the secret is.
Gery: Hey rob, did you get your test back?
Rob: No, actually I didnt. My mom is mad.
Gery: Why?
Rob: She doesnt believe me about the test.
Gery: Well I mean our teacher is kind of stupid.
Rob: Yeah but there was a time where she wasnt. I miss those days.
Gery: Man what are you talking about? You act like you knew her before this.
Rob: Yeah she taught me at my old school.
Gery: The one you got kicked out of?
Rob: Yeah but that was in eighth grade. She followed me here.
Gery: Well thats not good…
Rob: Yeah they probably found out about her afiar with that high schooler.
Gery: She didnt have an afair with a kid…thats stupid.
Rob: No dude she did. The principal probably caught them, they would hide in the locker room.
Gery: Well that’s funny….
Rob: Why?
Gery: first let me ask you.. Did she use to teach at Hermel High?
Rob:…Well yeah..how did you know?
Gery: She is my mother dude….My mother cheated on my dad..
Rob: Oh my God….With my brother…

Thanks for reading…there will be more post today. 😀


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