The day everyone was laughing, except me!

Posted: May 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

       Last summer, I told you guys that I would start this new challenge, called the 642 things to write about. Well as you know I didn’t post a single thing about the project, nor did i even post from this book. Today will be the start of this challenge, and it will end 642 days from now. Meaning that when I post today it will start a timer. This means you will be getting a post everyday! IF and WHEN I fail at this, I will have to catch up on posting by posting multiple post in one day. This project is to keep me out of writers block, also I looked through the book, and well there are amazing post that could help you get to know me and get a laugh out of the post.
WARNING: Some post will be short, and some might be long. I will tell you guys how long it will be so you can schedule time. Well lets get to it!
       Today’s post is called “The day everyone was laughing, Except me.” This will be about the day that my uncle Casey splattered mud all over me and I had to take a shower.
       This event happened when I was about 4-5. My family lived in this little trailer court and in this trailer court there would be a lot of mud puddles after it rained. This was usually fun to play but not for me on this day.
My uncle had been drinking and he got mad from some comments that my grandma said. So he decided to leave and when he did he spun out, to cause more of a dramatic ending to his rage show. What he didn’t know is one i was behind him and two he was in the biggest mud puddle in the history of life.
       When he slammed on his gas, his wheels began to spin, causing all the mud and water to fly behind his giant truck, and since i told you guys who was behind it, I shouldn’t have to tell you guys who got the bath.
Everyone started to laugh harder and harder as i began to scream and cry and pout and cuss. Okay I didn’t cuss, but i am sure if i knew a cuss word i would have that day. I was so angry, butt not because i was wet and muddy, I was a man so that didn’t effect me.
        The reason that i was so angry was that my dad said these few words “You have to take a shower.” I don’t know about you guys that are reading this, but for me bath time was hell in a clean hand basket. It was my worse friend. Its like an ex that was caught cheating, and the cheater was your best friend.
        I remember crying the whole time I took that shower, I remember having to clean behind my ears, which was horrible because I had a carrot batch growing there (Only old people will get the reference, if you did, You’re old!)
That day was the one of the most emberrasing days of my life. I look back at that day today and i laugh but in the moment iI did everything but laugh.

       That concludes day 1and if you can read this then there will be a post tomorrow that will be about something. I don’t know what yet, but it will be up tomorrow 🙂


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