Impromt Top Ten: Original Text

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

What is up my beautiful little people from all over the world. Talk you so much for stopping by here to read an original piece, written by yours truly!
Why is this post called “original”? Well I an so glad you asked. That’s because today’s post is done how I use to do all my podt, on my phone. Mainly because I want to see the difference of post.
Today’s short post will be about my struggle with suicide.
Recently I joined this application called “talk life.” Its a free fantastic app on either playstore (phone) that you might have.
On the application you get to help others fight the struggles of their lives as you get help with yours as well, but with that you also have to realize; you will find a lot of suicidal post.
I swear 9 out of 10 podt are people that want to commit suicide or those who have had enough of life so they cut in order to feel another pain.  It upsets my soul to see precious people suffer from depression.
Each night I get on to see another person hurting from life, and that’s when the “old Blake” kicks in and wants to save everyone of them, but it’s hard so  I need your help.
As I said this post is going to be very short so I want to challenge you to do this one thing; when you feel like someone is really upset, walk up to them and simply tell then they aren’t alone. It’s as simple as that!  Help save them with me:)



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