Night Crawler Journals Sn 2. Ep 8: Bedridden

Posted: August 1, 2014 in Night Crawler Journals
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Ep. 8: Bedridden!                                      October 8th 2018

The long wooden door slowly creeks open, revealing the outside world that Aeron hasn’t been a part of for almost a month now. The wind was slightly breezing the snow into his face, it was still freezing though. Kaytla stands beside him, holding a handgun containing a few rounds for safety. Aeron took a few glances at her since they left his apartment.  

They were positioned in the exit of the town, but before they leave, Kaytla pulls out a map. Aeron was never big into the outdoors. He never took geography in school, so he was clueless when it came to reading maps, which is what Kaytla wanted him to do.

She stood there holding out the map, telling Aeron where they were going, how they would get home, and where to meet if they get split up. Aeron was screwed, but he nodded as he said he understood. She shook her head knowing that was a lie.

They both exited the town and began to walk to Ashdale. They were holding hands so that if the snow got bad, they would be able to track each other, though Aeron just wanted to hold her hand. She occasionally looks over to Aeron to see if he was still doing alright, he was. She then smiles and looks back straight towards the road.

They were almost two minutes away from Butte when the snow began to hit harder. The snow was rapidly firing through the air, and connecting with Aeron’s face. The snowflakes felt like nails, flaming nails. He lays his face down, but it doesn’t help, the snowflakes are connecting hard enough to enter through his hood.

“We need to go back, Aeron.” Kaytla demands and she pulls his hand back towards Butte. He refuses trying to look rough. He pulled her towards Ashdale. As he pulls her, she lets go, sending both of them down each side of the hill. Aeron connects with a boulder at the bottom.

He wakes up to Kaytla pulling him up the hill. She lays him on the road and begins to inspect his body for serious injuries, which there were none. He opens up his eyes, too ensure her that he wasn’t injured, she smiled greatly. He gazes into her amber eyes and kisses her; she didn’t hesitate to kiss him back.

They get back to Butte minutes later, after fighting through the same storm that left Aeron helpless at the bottom of the hill. When they get to the gate the two guards open the door, they rush in and tell them to close the gates. Aeron looks over to talk to Kaytla, but she’s not there. He sees her walking fast to President Kelly. Aeron guessed it was to explain why they were back so soon. His face announced he had bigger problems.

 “Ryan is dying? How!” Kaytla demands an answer

“He is infected, we thought we could stop the infection, we were wrong.” President Kelly walks away, holding his daughter in his arms.

Aeron runs through town to get to Ryan’s room. When he gets there everything was gone, the clothes, the bed, food, even Ryan’s state trophy was gone. Aeron questions what happened, but as he goes to exit the room two guards appear.

“You can’t be here sir!” They try to grab him, Aeron pulls away.

“Where is Ryan?”

“In the hospital room 167, Connor is working on him.”

Aeron sprints out of the room and over to the hospital, pushing Jamal out of the way at the square. Jamal started to follow him to see what happened. Aeron opens the door to room 167 to see Ryan laying there. His face was a light green color, and he was struggling to breathe. Dr. Connor looks up from his post.

“You can’t be in here!”

“He knows that!” Jamal replies

Aeron’s turns around to see Jamal, Kaytla, Pr. Kelly, and the two guards standing there. Aeron looks back to Ryan then to the group.

“I need to talk to you guys.” Jamal shuts the door.



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