Night Crawlers Journals Season 2 Ep. 7: Plans to Loot!

Posted: July 24, 2014 in Night Crawler Journals
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 Episode 7: Plans to Loot                               October 8th, 2018


Aeron was sitting in his rocking chair, enjoying the last of his green tea that he had left. He found the tea bags on the run and kept them so that he didn’t have to drink the dirty water that was in the middle of town. Aeron spotted a kid peeing in the water a little under a week ago, which made him extra-glad that he found those bags. 

Rocking the Spiderman underwear, and a solid green duct glass, Aeron was at peace for a moment. That moment didn’t last very long though, as he took another sip, he heard someone at the door. It sounded like a man by the weight of the hit on the door. Forgetting to put on his pants Aeron walked over to the door and opened it. 

Aeron opens the door to see Kaytla standing there with her hand on her hip, supporting a red tank-top that was unusually tight, ripped pants with a pink bandana on her head. Aeron stood there in amazement of her beauty, thinking that she was made to be a model, and though everything with her was beautiful, Aeron couldn’t keep his eyes off one thing.

“My good sir, are you lusting over my boobs?”

Aeron looks away real quick, trying to recover from the embarrassment of being caught.

“I’m sorry.”

“Dude it’s okay, just giving you shit. But nice boxers; they are sexy.” Kaytla laughs as she pushes Aeron back with her arm. Aeron has his eyes glued on her as she walks across his room. She sat down on the couch, kicking her feet up as she grabs the journal that was next to her.

“Hey that’s my journal!”

Kaytla examines the book, and reads the name which obviously wasn’t Aeron’s. She squints her eyes as she looked back up at Aeron.

“You’re Taylor?”

Aeron gives a smile and replies with a no, and then spends a few seconds of his time explaining how he got the Journal. He told her the story while putting on his navy shorts.

“Can I get you anything?

“Yes get me three shots of tequila.” Aeron opens his drawers. It didn’t dawn on Aeron what she said.   

“I don’t—“Aeron gets interrupted by Kaytla telling him why she was joking. She continued to talk:

“I need you to come with me to get ammo, I am nervous.”

“Nervous about what?” Aeron exits the kitchen and walks over to her.

“I have a feeling that something horrible is going to happen.” Kaytla tries to stay calm, but with her fiddling with her mood ring on her left finger told Aeron she wasn’t calm at all. He sat back in the chair thinking of the possibilities of something bad happening in this place, and the chances of something even worse happening on the road.

Aeron tried to calm her down, trying to talk her out of going out in the blistering cold, but she didn’t want comfort. She stood up a few times during their conversation to pace, explaining a dream that she had recently. A dream that was nothing but blood covering her body, but the most disturbing part was what woke her up. At the end of the dream she saw Aeron get his head ripped off by a clawer.

“What the hell is a Clawer?” Aeron was scared.

“A Clawer is a Zombie that has razor-sharp finger nails, they don’t bite. They shred you apart.”

Aeron jumped up off the chair and began to freak out, throwing his hands around, acting like a fool. Kaytla told him to calm down and that he will be safe with her, she then took his hand and gave him a small peck on his cheek. The kiss paralyzed Aeron’s body. But once he could move again, he agreed that they need to get going soon.

They didn’t need to get anything special for this run, they were only looking for three casings of bullets for their m-16 that was only fired during emergency situations, Kaytla covered herself well enough to not get frost bite, where Aeron simply put on a coat and all the socks he had. They then walked out the front door holding a pistol in one hand and each other’s life in the other.



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