Night Crawler Journals Sn 2 Ep. 6: Love at First Bite!

Posted: July 17, 2014 in Night Crawler Journals
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Ep. 6: Love at First Bite                            September 24th, 2018

The book is open on the floor, Aeron got to page three before he crashed due to being tired. He was on the journal entrée called “Then there were three.” Which Aeron didn’t like, because it talked about how Taylor lost three of her six kids in the bitter cold.

She noted in the entrée that she was running out of paper and found this page was empty, and that’s why she wrote her last page in the beginning. Aeron was curious to how many other journals were out there from her, this was a great way to find out how others are feeling during this global outbreak!

“Get out of my way.” “What is going on?” “I will trample you!”

The words ripped through Aeron’s ears waking him from a dead sleep. People were running through the town at full force heading towards Ryan’s apartment. The first thing that goes through Aeron’s mind is that Ryan was dead, but then he heard one of the males of the crowd scream.

“He is dying”

This wasn’t a good sign for Aeron; everyone already knows that Aeron and Ryan had problems, and that they were recently together on a run. They could easily pin this on Aeron, and he couldn’t do anything to prove them wrong!

After grabbing a shirt out of his closet, Aeron makes his way to the road, which was crowded with panicked civilians. They were nearly killing each other to get through, even though they were all going to the same place. Aeron follows behind an older couple that was on the far left, which seemed to be the safest place so far, but it soon changed, when people started to realize it was clear.

Aeron felt a hand on his back that was forcefully pushing harder and harder as they got closer to the room. He caught himself using his arms as well to push through the crowd, not to get closer to the building, but to get farther away from the assholes that were behind him.

They finally got close to the building; Aeron branched off and went his own way, a way that Jamal taught him to go if he ever wanted to get to a certain building faster. This was an exclusive spot that only Jamal knew about. But he told Aeron where it was in case of an emergency.

Aeron runs up the ladder and climbs on the roof, sprinting across the roof; he starts to feel weak spots in the roof. Before anything gives out, Aeron spots Ryan’s home, and drops through his hallway hole. Aeron gets up and realizes Jamal is standing there.

“You can’t go in there!”

“He’s my partner!”

“He’s infected, Dammit!”

Aeron fakes to care so Jamal wouldn’t think he knew about the bite. Jamal patted Aeron on the back and told him to go and rest, He did just that. Aeron was off the hook, but for how much longer?

One week later!

“Have Aeron come in, please?” Aeron appears.

“You called?”

“You knew didn’t you?” Aeron steps closer closing the door.

“I knew what you guys knew.”

Aeron scratches his hand looking at the back of the chair, waiting for a response.

“If he dies, we will have hell in this place, we can’t take the chance of that, now can we!” The voice gets deeper, sounding a bit crazy. Kaytla turns the chair around.

Kaytla is an emo-style hottie that works in weapons and protection; she was assigned to the case when Ryan stumbled through town earlier that day.

Aeron is amazed by her beauty; he had never seen a woman that radiated such perfection in his life, not even Taylor.

“If I find out you knew; you will pay!” Aeron nods and leaves the room.

  1. BookDevourer says:

    I knew you would put me in one of your stories….. but as the hottie who works with the weapons… you shouldn’t have! haha! Great work, Greg.

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