Night Night Crawlers Journals Season 2 Ep. 5: Hiding the Sickness

Posted: July 10, 2014 in Night Crawler Journals


  1. 5: Hiding the Sickness                               September 23rd, 2018

“What did you just do?” Aeron lowers the gun, now fully realizing what he had just done, guilt filled his body as he looked at the cold hard corpse that was positioned on the floor.

“Call the police!” Aeron shouted at Ryan, which was still on the bed scared to death. He was shivering, wondering if Aeron was about to snap on him, and put a bullet in his head also. He followed the demand though, and quickly pulled out his phone and dialed “911.”

A week passed before Aeron got a hearing, his mother stood there waiting, she drove from Charrolette, North Carolina to see her son one last time, she was the first person that he saw when he walked in the court room, he was glad she was there.

The judge quickly ruled against Aeron Andrew, and sentenced him to twenty-three years in prison for murder. Aeron stood up quickly being grabbed by a tall black guard named Jacob. A sound described as an ear crippling frequency filled the courtroom, people began to freak out, turning into beast instantly.

Aeron grabbed his mother and ran out of the room; they look back, still being hurt by the loud echoing sound, they see people ripping each other to sheds, drinking blood from others, and eating whatever they could.  


“You ready to head out?” Aeron asks as he puts the last few items in his bag from the last house of the town. Ryan stands across the room holding a journal, almost oblivious to the fact that Aeron said anything to him.

“What do you have there?” Aeron tried again, walking across the hard wood floor. Ryan handed Aeron the Journal.

It was worn to the max; each page had some type of rip or mildew built up in it. The spine was worn to the point of no repair, and was releasing the pages that once it held tightly together. The name in the Journal shocked both Aeron and Ryan.

The owners name of this devastated journal was Taylor. She had nice handwriting, similar to a nurse. She mostly wrote about her walk with Christ and how she doesn’t believe that God will send zombies, funny thought right? Aeron flips through the pages as Ryan walks into the other room, there was a blood stain on the last page, with a note at the top that read:

“Don’t walk outside, it’s too dangerous to do so, I was wrong. Life has gone to hell, so haven’t I?” Aeron felt compassion for this stranger, not knowing her final outcome, but knowing she did something insane.

Aeron slides the book into his bag, found Ryan, and left the house, leaving the rest of the supplies they didn’t want in the house. When they got outside they realized that it was barely snowing, meaning it was going to be a quick walk home.

They both are tired from walking through all the snow. This was going to be a good walk if they already feel that way, especially with twelve miles left in the journey. They begin to talk:

“So how old are you again” Aeron asked

“29, what about you?”

“26, I can’t believe I have to worry every day of my life about dying, makes you kind of miss they old days”

“I miss Taylor.” Ryan admitted, not being the best move to bring up someone’s deceased wife. Aeron clinches his fist and walks faster. Ryan watches him walk ahead, and grabs a rope out of his bag, remembering the day that he killed his love. Ryan thinks it over and puts the rope back into his bag.

“Dude I didn’t know she was married!” Ryan broke the silence that lasted more than three miles. Ryan quickly grabs his stomach and moans. Aeron pays no attention to him, thinking he is mocking him with more Taylor memories but he shortly realized, He wasn’t joking.

“Are you okay?” Aeron grabbed ahold of Ryan and sat him on a nearby rock.

“Pull up my shirt!” Ryan suggested, but Aeron refused. Ryan asked again telling Aeron that he had to keep his secret.

Aeron agreed and Ryan lifted the shirt revealing a dark and scary secret that could get them both killed, or thrown out of Butte. Ryan was bit.

The wound was dark green, with black puss oozing out of the wound. The smell was horrible due to the rotten skin around the wound that was solid black. Ryan kept that he was infected from President Kelly for more than a month, He explained, which was amazing since the average turning time is thirty second to two days.

“I can’t bro!” Aeron shouted standing back up. “I could get thrown out of my home for this, but I guess I can!” Ryan smiles and pats Aeron on the leg.

“Hey, thanks for caring about me!” Ryan giggles, being shortened due to a series of coughing.  They begin to walk again after taking a few pain killers.

They arrive back to their home an hour later, President Kelly was upset when they walked into his office, they asked him if there was something wrong, and there was. Mrs. Hellen was the reason they went on the trip, she formed a cold and due to her aged body she couldn’t take it. She passed away shortly after they left. Medicine wouldn’t have worked.

Aeron walked back to his tent where he found a letter. He was upgraded to their Free stay apartment, being a simple one bedroom, but it was better than being out in the middle of the town.

 As he sat in his warm apartment for the first time ever, he decided to get his mind off of things he would read the journal that he stole. So he flipped open to page one titled “Jesus wasn’t my father” and began to read.Introtojournal

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