Night Crawlers Journals: Season 2 Ep. 2: A Little Test

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Night Crawler Journals

Night Crawlers Journals: Season 2 ep. 2: A little test                                         September 24th, 2018


He glances around; he is in a place that he has never seen before. A beautiful place full of gorgeous flowers, most of them are lilies, with a rose bush blooming by the crystal blue pond at the bottom of the hill. He saw a woman who stood a woman in a red dress. She had long blonde hair that displays the beautiful of the sun rays. He follows a butterfly to the woman, which was faced the opposite direction.

“Are you okay, mam?” She turns around.

The girl turns around, It was a mocking image of Taylor when they first started dating, being in her early twenties. Aeron takes a step back, not believing his eyes. She smiles and reaches out her hand to stroke his long black hair. He followed the gesture with a hug, but she steps back.

As she took a step back, she tripped over the rose bush, ripping the flesh around her calf muscle, a moan is released, she then trips and falls into the pond. Aeron reacts fast, running to the pond, trying to spot his love. She appears. Aeron’s heart stops racing for just a second. He smiles and holds his hand out, as she reaches for it, a zombie grapples her neck and pulls her beneath, she fights to get out of his grasp but it’s too late. A cloud of blood fills the water! Aeron screams!

Aeron jumps up, looking around his small tent for the girl he just saw in his dream, she wasn’t there. She was never there. Someone was though; someone was banging on the thin leather lining of the tent. He shouts for the person to enter. The guy enters, it was second-in-command Jamal. Jamal is an ex-soldier, being known as a tough guy from his height, and mean dude to his dark tinted skin, Jamal stands firm as a hard-ass in Butte

“Yeah bro, I was sent to get you for training.” His deep voice explained.

“Training?” Aeron sits up.

Jamal smiles as he takes a seat in the corner “ Training for the runner position, you don’t think you could do it without training, did you?”

Aeron stands to his feet, laughs, and throws on his leather coat on and ties his boots. Remembering what he had to do for those shoes. He takes no time leaving the tent once he is dressed, which was okay with Jamal. They tents were always too small for the 6’5 giant.

They walked clear across town to a parking lot with a trailer in the middle of it. Something seems dark about the positioning. He is shivering with fear, for what is about to happen.

Jamal breaks off from Aeron to enter a building. He reappeared fast, this time holding a BB gun.

“What am I supposed to do with that? That wouldn’t do anything to a zombie!” Aeron Jokes

“Yeah sadly, these bullets are much cheaper! But don’t worry you’ll get a real gun after you show us you can shoot.”

Aeron replays his incident with the Crawler on the lake, now he is hoping that he can aim a little better than that!

“Let me explain; you will enter that trailer and shoot any person you see, don’t worry about hurting them! Can I please have all your weapons?”

“Here” Aeron hands him all weapons but a knife, in which he forgot he had still, and enters the trailer.

A horn blows, and instantly a horde of “Zombies” walk through the gate, Aeron loads his weapon and shoots. Each shot hits the target, he glances over and sees that Jamal is intrigued. Aeron goes to load his gun again, after dropping thirteen zombies in a row.

Aeron peeks through his scope after loading, there is only one zombie left, thirty yards away.

Aeron pulls the trigger, and misses. This was the first miss of the entire training, he didn’t let it get to him, and loads another BB into the chamber of the gun.

As he loaded, the bathroom door opened. A zombie peers from the shadows looking over at Aeron. The zombie slowly walks over to him, about to grab him. Aeron finishes training and turns around. He notices the zombie instantly, pulls out his knife and stabs the zombie in the head.

Jamal enters the trailer, after dismissing everyone to go back to their apartment. Aeron is in complete horror due to what just happened.

“No!!!!” Jamal hits the ground and cuddles the body. “This was actually a person. He was using the bathroom”

“What?” Aeron asks, knowing he messed up.

“We have to keep this quiet; we don’t need to have the whole town up roaring! They already hate the idea of this!”

“How? Doesn’t this guy have family, or friends?” Aeron argues

“He is new, no family, no friends. It will be okay.”


Jamal looks at Aeron, Aeron looks at Jamal.



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