Night Crawler Journals SN 2. Ep. 1: Welcome!

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Night Crawler Journals
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Night Crawlers Journals

Season 2 Ep. 1: Welcome                         September 23rd, 2018

The room is quiet as President Kelly circles around Aeron, throwing his stress ball against the brick wall, and retrieving it. It must have been some kind of scare tactic. It annoyed Aeron more though.

“So, tell me again, where did you come from?” The silence was broke.

“I am from Dummond.” Aeron replied.

“Then why aren’t you there?”

This was the third time that the president asked about this subject in less than ten minutes. Aeron tried thoroughly explaining the circumstances, the dead body found in the cabin after Aeron got back from a run, and how the body didn’t lay cold, but got back up from the dead, and attacked. How could someone explain the unexplainable? He wouldn’t believe him anyways.

“Are you going to talk?” President Kelly asked after putting the ball in the top desk drawer.

Aeron looks up from his lap. “If you want me to tell you the whole truth, you have to give me time.” Aeron paused to catch his breath, and then starts to explain.

“It was a rough time in my life; everything was just going to shit. I watched my mother go down, dying to one of those nasty things. I watched her skin rip from her scalp.” Aeron starts to cry, the president didn’t show any sympathy, asking Aeron to continue.

 “After she came back from the dead, I put a bullet in her head. After killing my mom, I went to the local Brush Bridge to kill myself, but something happened.” The president looks at him. “The group at Dummond took me in, I was against the idea, but I decided that it would be safer there. I was wrong!”

The office door squeaks, which interrupting Aeron in mid-sentence. It was one of the guards from the tower, one of the snipers. He walked over to the president and whispered into his ear, the president nods, and the guard exits. Kelly apologizes.

“It was a year after the break-out that I was accused of killing my best friend, Daniel. We went on a run for medical supplies. The whole run, Daniel complained of some stomach pain, I thought it was mild starvation, since this run took days to finish. I told him to get over it.” Aeron wipes his eyes, removing the tears that were rolling down his face; the president gives him a tissue.

“He died that night, peacefully in his own warm bed. But not knowing that he was bit, put a lot of us in danger, especially when he came back.”

“So did you kill him?”

“No. he tripped and fell into a fire after taking three people, and a milking cow. I didn’t kill anyone.”

The President rubs his eyes, trying to gather all the information.

“We here at Butte, expect for our entire guest to always be honest, I don’t feel like you’re telling me the truth. Where did the blood come from?”

Aeron’s heart dropped. He had to think of something fast. What could he say to convince him that the blood was nothing harmful?

“I had to eat. I shot a deer, but it only hit the foot. I had to cut his throat, blood splattered.” The President bought it.

“We need a runner; someone that travels to three nearby towns once a week. It is the only way you’re allowed to stay. We don’t take in guest, unless they help us.”

“I’ll do anything.”

“Okay. I will set you in our personalized apartment, but tonight we need to observe you. There is a tent set up in the square. It is yours; tomorrow, I will call you back in to give you instructions. We here at Butte think that safety is key! Don’t let us regret having you here.”

Aeron nods his head and walks to his tent. It was small, but it was something. The only the thing Aeron hated was that there were five guys around his tent, holding guns. They were ready to fire at any sense of threat. But it was still better than staying out in the woods!


  1. BookDevourer says:

    Oh this is interesting. I’ll have to find some time to read all of these!

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