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Ep, 3: Put the Past Behind You!                                    September 24th, 2018

Aeron rushes out of the trailer, fearing that everything was about to change. He could die from this, they don’t like visitors, Aeron just killed their guest, they won’t be happy about that. Aeron was a dead guy. He already knew it.

Aeron glances over at Jamal as he exits the trailer, pulling the body behind him. Aeron tried thinking of a way to hide the evidence.

 “We could burn the body?” Aeron insist. Jamal shakes his head.

“They would smell the body. We have to throw the body over the wall!”

Aeron laughs at the idea. No one could possibly lift a body over a ten foot wall. Jamal points over to the ladder in the corner, hurrying him to go get it.

Sensing the urgency, Aeron runs over to the ladder, picks it up, and places it at the lowest part. Jamal glances around to ensure that no one is watching. He then quickly climbs with the body on his shoulder. When he gets to the top, he simply pushes the body over.

Aeron shrugs as he hears the guys bones break as he makes his hard impact onto the ground. Jamal makes his way down the ladder to reunite with Aeron. They both agree this will be the last time they talk about this, and walks back into town.

A group of civilians are standing outside the gates, waiting for Jamal and Aeron. The thought that they knew struck Aeron, but he was relieved to know they didn’t see anything. They walk straight to the president’s office.

Jamal opens the president’s office door, after being told that he could enter. They find the president admiring the crystal snow from the back window, which since the town is domed in, this, was the only window they could see outside from. This was the president’s favorite activity when life gets too hard.

“Thank you for training him. How did he do?” The president asks, as Aeron shuts the door.

“He did fantastic, give him any assignment, he can deal with it!” Jamal pats Aeron on the back, giving him a look to keep his mouth shut.

“Great! I just got a new one, can you gather up the empty medicine boxes?”

Jamal nods and exits the room, leaving Aeron there.

“We need you, Aeron” The president begins “We really need you to come through for us, and we have a big problem.”

 “What can I do for you, sir?”

“Mrs. Hellen has the flu, and needs medicine as fast as possible. We need you and your new team mate to go into Whitehall and raid a few houses.”

“Hold up, Teammate?” Aeron refuses to have another team-mate but he knows that he has to follow the orders around here; it’s their home, not Aeron’s.

“Sorry son, you have to have a teammate. I have to know you will be safe, so this is the way. I am sorry.” Kelly explained. Aeron looks out the window, as he lost himself into the flakes, he hears someone open the door.

“Here is your teammate right now” He proclaims as the door closes. Aeron turns around; he couldn’t believe his eyes, emotions of Anger, hurt, sadness, and fear rush through his blood.

“His name is…”

“Ryan!!” Aeron interrupts. “You son of a bitch….” Aeron jumps out of his chair and pushes Ryan’s hard exterior, Ryan smirks. Though he tried hard, Aeron throws a fist.

SMACK! Aeron punches him in the face, pushing Ryan back a foot. President Kelly gets in between them, slamming Aeron against the brick wall. He had his arm pressed against his throat. “What the hell are you doing?”

“He screwed my wife.” Aeron said as he tried to catch his breath.

“That’s the past! Put it behind you, and forgive. You have nothing left in this world, nothing!!!” He shouted in his face, screaming louder as he finished the sentence, then let Aeron go.

Aeron doesn’t say anything as he wipes off his face.



Night Crawlers Journals: Season 2 ep. 2: A little test                                         September 24th, 2018


He glances around; he is in a place that he has never seen before. A beautiful place full of gorgeous flowers, most of them are lilies, with a rose bush blooming by the crystal blue pond at the bottom of the hill. He saw a woman who stood a woman in a red dress. She had long blonde hair that displays the beautiful of the sun rays. He follows a butterfly to the woman, which was faced the opposite direction.

“Are you okay, mam?” She turns around.

The girl turns around, It was a mocking image of Taylor when they first started dating, being in her early twenties. Aeron takes a step back, not believing his eyes. She smiles and reaches out her hand to stroke his long black hair. He followed the gesture with a hug, but she steps back.

As she took a step back, she tripped over the rose bush, ripping the flesh around her calf muscle, a moan is released, she then trips and falls into the pond. Aeron reacts fast, running to the pond, trying to spot his love. She appears. Aeron’s heart stops racing for just a second. He smiles and holds his hand out, as she reaches for it, a zombie grapples her neck and pulls her beneath, she fights to get out of his grasp but it’s too late. A cloud of blood fills the water! Aeron screams!

Aeron jumps up, looking around his small tent for the girl he just saw in his dream, she wasn’t there. She was never there. Someone was though; someone was banging on the thin leather lining of the tent. He shouts for the person to enter. The guy enters, it was second-in-command Jamal. Jamal is an ex-soldier, being known as a tough guy from his height, and mean dude to his dark tinted skin, Jamal stands firm as a hard-ass in Butte

“Yeah bro, I was sent to get you for training.” His deep voice explained.

“Training?” Aeron sits up.

Jamal smiles as he takes a seat in the corner “ Training for the runner position, you don’t think you could do it without training, did you?”

Aeron stands to his feet, laughs, and throws on his leather coat on and ties his boots. Remembering what he had to do for those shoes. He takes no time leaving the tent once he is dressed, which was okay with Jamal. They tents were always too small for the 6’5 giant.

They walked clear across town to a parking lot with a trailer in the middle of it. Something seems dark about the positioning. He is shivering with fear, for what is about to happen.

Jamal breaks off from Aeron to enter a building. He reappeared fast, this time holding a BB gun.

“What am I supposed to do with that? That wouldn’t do anything to a zombie!” Aeron Jokes

“Yeah sadly, these bullets are much cheaper! But don’t worry you’ll get a real gun after you show us you can shoot.”

Aeron replays his incident with the Crawler on the lake, now he is hoping that he can aim a little better than that!

“Let me explain; you will enter that trailer and shoot any person you see, don’t worry about hurting them! Can I please have all your weapons?”

“Here” Aeron hands him all weapons but a knife, in which he forgot he had still, and enters the trailer.

A horn blows, and instantly a horde of “Zombies” walk through the gate, Aeron loads his weapon and shoots. Each shot hits the target, he glances over and sees that Jamal is intrigued. Aeron goes to load his gun again, after dropping thirteen zombies in a row.

Aeron peeks through his scope after loading, there is only one zombie left, thirty yards away.

Aeron pulls the trigger, and misses. This was the first miss of the entire training, he didn’t let it get to him, and loads another BB into the chamber of the gun.

As he loaded, the bathroom door opened. A zombie peers from the shadows looking over at Aeron. The zombie slowly walks over to him, about to grab him. Aeron finishes training and turns around. He notices the zombie instantly, pulls out his knife and stabs the zombie in the head.

Jamal enters the trailer, after dismissing everyone to go back to their apartment. Aeron is in complete horror due to what just happened.

“No!!!!” Jamal hits the ground and cuddles the body. “This was actually a person. He was using the bathroom”

“What?” Aeron asks, knowing he messed up.

“We have to keep this quiet; we don’t need to have the whole town up roaring! They already hate the idea of this!”

“How? Doesn’t this guy have family, or friends?” Aeron argues

“He is new, no family, no friends. It will be okay.”


Jamal looks at Aeron, Aeron looks at Jamal.



Impromts Top Ten: Im going to hell!

I spent ten years in one church. That’s more time in one church than most spend in a church their whole lives. I would attend (or attempt to) every Sunday and Wednesday. On top of that, I would attend other church functions such as: Prayer nights, youth rallies, Christian concerts, and anything else that had to do with Jesus.

At the time it was nice, I had a family that I could count on in the church, yet something deep down was missing, something that I needed to survive. I found this school, and decided if I wanted to stay a Christian I had to go!

Let me be brutally honest; I went to college to escape the fact that I was failing as a Christian. I wasn’t feeling anything in the church I was attending anymore; I had gone cold to the feeling of God. Seeing myself dying, I had to make a quick decision. I signed up for World Revival Church School of Ministry. I got accepted, now let me tell you this, I honestly did start feeling God more while College got closer. I almost told them I wasn’t coming because of that fact.

I pushed through the doubt and packed my stuff, which was hard since my best friend stayed with me the night before departure. But I had to do it, Jesus wanted me to anyways, or so I thought. I said goodbye to my father, jumped in my car, and headed west for Kansas City, Missouri.

I could explain why I didn’t last there, but there will be a post in Letters To The Chapel that will explain all the juicy details! It’s actually a good story that you should read when it’s posted. It will give you a different view on life!


I met my fiancé in March after coming back from College. Everything was still fine with church; I was focusing on my career in Youth Ministry. My pastors were including me in the service, which is what I always wanted.  On top of all of that, I was feeling God again! Then the walls fell over.

I got called in the office one Wednesday night by the pastor, which for me was never a good thing. They heard by a birdie that I was staying with my girlfriend (Now fiancé). This was true, but there were good reasons. They wanted me to tell them personal points in our relationship that I wasn’t willing to share. The conversation ended with me resigning from the church, and the pastors asking if they can pray that my girl and I would split up!!!!! I quickly exited that church….

In less than a month after that incident all my friends from church told me they couldn’t be friends, and I decided to continue my life, until a woman from the church stuck her nose in it. I made a status on Facebook saying that everything sends you to hell if you go by what the church says. She commented that I was going to hell due to living with my fiancé…like really? Am I?

Should I have broken up with the love of my life because they felt I was in the wrong? Am I overreacting? And most importantly should I feel bad for not going to church? Or Should I repent in the name of the Holy Lord above, so he won’t strike me dead?

Am I a bad Christian? (more…)

Night Crawlers Journals

Season 2 Ep. 1: Welcome                         September 23rd, 2018

The room is quiet as President Kelly circles around Aeron, throwing his stress ball against the brick wall, and retrieving it. It must have been some kind of scare tactic. It annoyed Aeron more though.

“So, tell me again, where did you come from?” The silence was broke.

“I am from Dummond.” Aeron replied.

“Then why aren’t you there?”

This was the third time that the president asked about this subject in less than ten minutes. Aeron tried thoroughly explaining the circumstances, the dead body found in the cabin after Aeron got back from a run, and how the body didn’t lay cold, but got back up from the dead, and attacked. How could someone explain the unexplainable? He wouldn’t believe him anyways.

“Are you going to talk?” President Kelly asked after putting the ball in the top desk drawer.

Aeron looks up from his lap. “If you want me to tell you the whole truth, you have to give me time.” Aeron paused to catch his breath, and then starts to explain.

“It was a rough time in my life; everything was just going to shit. I watched my mother go down, dying to one of those nasty things. I watched her skin rip from her scalp.” Aeron starts to cry, the president didn’t show any sympathy, asking Aeron to continue.

 “After she came back from the dead, I put a bullet in her head. After killing my mom, I went to the local Brush Bridge to kill myself, but something happened.” The president looks at him. “The group at Dummond took me in, I was against the idea, but I decided that it would be safer there. I was wrong!”

The office door squeaks, which interrupting Aeron in mid-sentence. It was one of the guards from the tower, one of the snipers. He walked over to the president and whispered into his ear, the president nods, and the guard exits. Kelly apologizes.

“It was a year after the break-out that I was accused of killing my best friend, Daniel. We went on a run for medical supplies. The whole run, Daniel complained of some stomach pain, I thought it was mild starvation, since this run took days to finish. I told him to get over it.” Aeron wipes his eyes, removing the tears that were rolling down his face; the president gives him a tissue.

“He died that night, peacefully in his own warm bed. But not knowing that he was bit, put a lot of us in danger, especially when he came back.”

“So did you kill him?”

“No. he tripped and fell into a fire after taking three people, and a milking cow. I didn’t kill anyone.”

The President rubs his eyes, trying to gather all the information.

“We here at Butte, expect for our entire guest to always be honest, I don’t feel like you’re telling me the truth. Where did the blood come from?”

Aeron’s heart dropped. He had to think of something fast. What could he say to convince him that the blood was nothing harmful?

“I had to eat. I shot a deer, but it only hit the foot. I had to cut his throat, blood splattered.” The President bought it.

“We need a runner; someone that travels to three nearby towns once a week. It is the only way you’re allowed to stay. We don’t take in guest, unless they help us.”

“I’ll do anything.”

“Okay. I will set you in our personalized apartment, but tonight we need to observe you. There is a tent set up in the square. It is yours; tomorrow, I will call you back in to give you instructions. We here at Butte think that safety is key! Don’t let us regret having you here.”

Aeron nods his head and walks to his tent. It was small, but it was something. The only the thing Aeron hated was that there were five guys around his tent, holding guns. They were ready to fire at any sense of threat. But it was still better than staying out in the woods!


My first Vlog ever!

Todays post is a Vlog that covers all that is going on in my life. The topics covered are:

Wedding planning, gameplays, future projects, a few shout-outs, and Twitter. All while you watch an awesome gameplay of Call of Duty!