Running to her

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Creative Blogging, Uncategorized

I feel someone is behind me, watching my every step! I look back to see this man following very closely, I start to get very scared. I start to walk faster, but with my gain of speed I also realize his speed gets faster! I begin to run as I feel like he is about to strike!

I run into this man on the side of the street that happens to be asleep, I hurry to him and wake him up.

“I once had a dream, that all men would be created divided!” He spoke out in his best impersonation of Martin lurther king jr. a little more freaked out I started to run again, faster this time. I wanted to actually get someone who isn’t completely crazy, but that doesn’t seem possible.

I wrap myself another wall, to find a group of protestors. I was once a part of a protest group, they kicked me out because of my beliefs. I believed that all animals deserved a home, probably wasn’t good for a group of anti-animal protestors! They fought hard to keep all animals in pounds, to not let people have pets!

In order to get help, I ran up to the leader. “Hello my name is Hailey” I greeted myself not giving time for him to answer “I need help.” He looked at me, “Me too!” ignoring the fact that I am breathless, he began to tell me the only reason he protests is to gain money to find out his ancient family secret!

In the time that he told me all about his plans, I noticed that the chaser had made his way back to me. I began to run again trying to breath. I knew I couldn’t outrun him much longer, so I stopped. He came up to me. I clinched my arm hoping he wouldn’t hurt me, He ran right past me to a woman in front of me. He then gave her a hug!


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